While many of my peers tend to overpack on trips, I have always been able to stick to just a carry-on. This had me questioning my role as a Beauty Editor and pondering if I should switch careers since I go against the grain by not carrying excess luggage. How do I, someone who loves beauty products, achieve this? Do I need to rethink my profession?

Despite my deep fondness for beauty products, I have figured out how to pack them efficiently, ensuring they comply with TSA regulations. I am committed to my skincare regimen and refuse to compromise on it, even when on the move. In reality, I find that I require my skincare products more during flights or in unfamiliar settings. With time, I have mastered the art of packing all my beauty essentials in a carry-on without the need for checked baggage. Here are some of my top tips for packing as a beauty enthusiast.

1. Separate makeup, skincare, and haircare

To simplify your routine, consider using separate smaller bags for makeup, skincare, and haircare instead of trying to fit everything in one large bag. Think about how you prefer to access your products at your destination. Do you like everything easily reachable or organized in a bag? Personally, I keep skincare and hair care products within reach while storing makeup in a separate bag. This system not only streamlines my routine but also aids in smoothly navigating TSA rules.

While I opt to have makeup and skincare in my carry-on, a large bag in my personal item would not be practical. Using two smaller bags allows for convenient access without creating a mess. Tailor your packing strategy to suit your preferences.

2. Use a clear bag

Choose a reusable clear makeup bag over disposable Ziploc bags. These clear bags are more robust and facilitate efficient packing while reducing the chances of spills. Their durability ensures a hassle-free security check experience.

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3. Opt for powders for exfoliants, dry shampoos, and cleansers

When feasible, opt for powdered formulations for exfoliants, dry shampoos, and cleansers. Powders are compact, not subject to liquid restrictions, and are ideal for carry-on travel.


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