Valentine’s Day can spark mixed feelings – it’s either loved or loathed. Like bucket bags, cilantro, and Gilmore Girls, opinions about this day can be strong. Personally, I belong to the “love it” camp. Surprisingly, celebrating Valentine’s Day as a single woman has become a highlight of my year.

I’m not just referring to Galentine’s Day (though a shoutout to Amy Poehler and the Parks and Recreation crew for that); I’m talking about the infamous February 14th: the day of love songs on the radio and heart-shaped chocolates on display. Since childhood, I’ve had a soft spot for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it was the school parties or selecting cards for classmates (I always picked Harry Potter or Lizzie McGuire cards). Or maybe it was the color red, my favorite. Whatever the reason, Valentine’s Day captured my heart at the age of 10, and it hasn’t let go.

Granted, my perspective has shifted as I’ve gotten older. In my late twenties, I realize that Valentine’s Day tends to lean more towards couples and consumerism rather than love or friendship. Nevertheless, I enthusiastically embrace the holiday, and here’s why:

Why I Love Valentine’s Day as a Single Woman

I Appreciate a Strong Theme, Particularly on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, I dress in red or heart-themed attire (always stylish). I cherish my oversized bronze heart earrings and incorporate them into my outfit. I’ve worn romantic red skirts and delicate pink dresses in the past. Even on workdays, I make sure my ensemble features love-inspired colors, whether it’s a red blouse with trousers or a pink dress paired with a blazer.

My makeup reflects the rosy tones of the occasion. Pink shades dominate my Valentine’s Day look, blending different eyeshadows from my palette to complement the mauve on my lips.

I Treat My Friends with Homemade Goodies

After the health craze in January, February can feel dull. To brighten the middle of the month, I love surprising friends with Valentine’s Day-themed treats. Whether single or in a relationship, my loyal friends receive homemade sweets from me. Baking on Valentine’s Day is a simple way to show gratitude to my friends and enhance their day. Additionally, baking serves as a creative outlet and self-care practice for me.

I’ve whipped up dark chocolate raspberry coffee cake, peanut butter cupcakes, and ultra-fudgy brownies in the past. This year, I’m eyeing cookies and contemplating browned butter sugar cookie bars packaged in sparkly red ribbon-tied bags.

I Plan a Special Meal for Myself

As a self-professed food enthusiast, Valentine’s Day calls for a special meal plan. This could mean dining out or preparing an elegant meal at home. Eating out may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially in romantic restaurant settings. However, it can turn out to be a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

One memorable Valentine’s Day during college involved reserving a table at an Indian restaurant with a single friend. It led to a memorable three-course meal that we still reminisce about fondly.

Alternatively, a cozy Valentine’s Day dinner at home can be just as satisfying. As a single woman, treat yourself to a luxurious solo dinner. Lobster tails or Trader Joe’s gnocchi paired with single-serve chocolate lava cake could be on the menu.

I Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is essential, especially in today’s hectic schedules. Taking time for oneself is vital, particularly on a day dedicated to love like Valentine’s Day. I opt for a DIY self-care routine. After baking and enjoying a homemade dinner, I indulge in a spa session on Valentine’s Day.

With calming music and a candle, I pamper myself with a face mask and relax in an Epsom salt bath. This is followed by a hair mask, a manicure with red polish, and slipping into cozy pajamas for a cup of ginger tea as I unwind with a good book.

I Embrace the Cheesiness

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time for a bit of cheesy indulgence. It’s the moment to immerse oneself in light-hearted romances, Hallmark movies, and tales of unlikely love. Revisiting favorites like The First Time and The Holiday or discovering new classics adds to the festive mood.

To elevate the level of cheesiness, treat yourself to a fresh bouquet or a luxurious scented candle. Valentine’s Day is a chance for me to appreciate my greatness and indulge in small luxuries that I typically save for special occasions. It’s an annual ritual of self-love that I fully embrace.


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