There was a time when my relationship with the Co-Star app was a bit unhealthy. This app offered daily astrological insights, and I found solace in its consistent updates during the uncertainties of the pandemic. Initially, I used to rely on the app for guidance in decision-making, but over time, I grew skeptical about depending on astrology to predict life events.

When my manager suggested that I read Trust Your Timing by Vogue astrologer Alice Bell, I was hesitant at first. However, as I delved into the book’s detailed explanations of birth charts, compatibility charts, and timing charts, my trust in astrological analyses was reignited. Through this exploration, I not only deepened my understanding of my own birth chart but also gained insights into predictions about my love life and had some enjoyable experiences along the way.

After thoroughly analyzing my astrological discoveries, I uncovered valuable insights regarding my romantic life from Trust Your Timing.

Below are the key revelations and reflections from the book concerning my journey:

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1 Key Lessons from My Birth Chart
2 Learning to Trust Timing With Transit Chart
3 Charting Compatability With “The One” (…or Jeremy Allen White)
4 Astrology’s Soothing Effect on Love Life
Alice Bell
Trust Your Timing: How to Use Your Astrological Birth Chart to Navigate Your Love Life and Find Your Authentic Self

In Trust Your Timing, Vogue astrologer Alice Bell explores how astrology can enrich relationships. By decoding birth charts and delving into advanced astrology concepts, she empowers readers to embrace their timing and live authentically.

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Key Lessons from My Birth Chart

Before diving into Trust Your Timing, I had a basic grasp of my sun, moon, and rising signs. Yet, as I immersed myself in the book and grasped the planets and houses in my chart, I made significant discoveries about my communication style, conflict resolution approach, and career path.


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