Regardless of your stance on New Year’s resolutions, there is something refreshing about entering a new year. Whether you’ve been actively planning for changes in 2024 or just realized the new year had arrived, January offers a chance for a fresh beginning.

The Everygirl Podcast is dedicating January to empowering episodes aligns with four core objectives per week: manifest your dream life, detoxify, optimize your health, unleash your best self, and attain financial prosperity. To guide you in seizing the beginning of the new year and making 2024 your best year yet, we present a January Challenge around these four focal points; featuring episodes, articles, and activities to implement practical advice. Think of us as your support system for your New Year’s resolutions. Continue reading for the first week, focused on creating vision boards, defining your dream life, and everything about manifestation.

Monday: Outline all your 2024 goals

This is not the time for small goals! Whether you’re recovering from the prior year’s celebrations or were in bed early last night, spend the first day of the year jotting down all your goals for the year. Dare to dream big—nothing is out of reach for what you can achieve in the upcoming year.

Tuesday: Tune in to the podcast episode “Roxie Nafousi pt. 2: The #1 Unheard Manifestation Secret”

The latest episode of The Everygirl Podcast (airing on January 2) is perfect for inspiring you to manifest your dream life and kickstart the new year with a high-energy state. Roxie Nafousi returns for part two, sharing lesser-known manifestation secrets and life-changing insights gained in the past year. Don’t miss it!

Wednesday: Read The Everygirl’s Manifestation Guide for Your Best Life

To grasp the basics of manifestation (what it entails, why it is effective, and how to practice it), explore our guide for a step-by-step introduction to turning your aspirations into realities.

Thursday: Listen to “How to Manifest Your Dream Life in 7 Steps With Roxie Nafousi”

After listening to our latest episode featuring Roxie, revisit this viral episode from January 2023. Roxie shares a detailed seven-step manifestation process with practical advice and a touch of the science behind manifestation.

Friday: Engage in “Future You” journaling

Imagine how your best self would navigate everyday life, then journal as if you are living your dream life in the present moment. Delve into specifics: jot down what your ideal self eats for breakfast, experiences throughout the day, and contemplates before bedtime.

Saturday: Listen to “Achieving Your Desires with Jennifer Cohen”

Action is vital in manifestation, and boldness is key to taking action. Entrepreneur and author Jennifer Cohen shares her boldness strategy in this motivational episode that will have you eager to pursue your dream job promptly.

Sunday: Create a vision board

PSA: Vision boards are more exciting than you remember. Spend today crafting a vision board in your preferred style: jot down a list for your fridge, design a collage, or create a digital Pinterest board. For additional guidance and inspiration, check out this article. Conclude the first week of the year with a vision board to inspire you throughout the upcoming year.


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