At the dawn of a new year, the desire to revamp our routines and experiment with something fresh often arises. If your aspirations for the coming year encompass eating healthier, saving more, or managing your time more efficiently, learning the art of meal prepping is an all-encompassing solution that can help you achieve all these goals. By planning your meals in advance, you pave the way for a week of nutritious eating, sidestep the temptation to order takeout, and free up time while reducing stress on busy days. It’s a triple win situation. But before you jump into action in the kitchen, there are some key meal prep essentials you need to acquire to initiate your journey. Continue reading to discover all you require to commence meal prepping in 2024 and maintain consistency.

1. Glass Food Storage Containers

The choice of containers can make or break your meal prepping success. While both meal prep and leftovers are excellent, portioning and storing individual servings can save you more time during the week and keep you aligned with your healthy eating objectives. Glass containers are the go-to option for meal prep. They are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe, do not deform over time, and do not impart any unwanted plastic taste to your food. Moreover, they add a touch of elegance when neatly stacked in your fridge.

Glass Meal Prep Containers Compartments

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2. Freezable Portion Trays

For recipes you intend to freeze, here’s a tip: portion out your meals before freezing. This prevents the hassle of chipping off a suitable portion from a frozen food block. You can either use freezer-friendly zip-top bags for each meal or opt for these practical trays to separate and freeze individual servings. These trays, made of food-safe silicone, facilitate easy removal of frozen cubes and come with lids for convenient stacking in the freezer. Have various tray sizes on hand to tailor your portion sizes for different meals.

Souper Cubes
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3. A Good Cookbook

Meal prepping entails more than just the same old meat, veggies, and rice routine. There is a wealth of meal prep recipes out there, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of repeating the same dishes weekly. A quality cookbook can be a lifesaver. Choose one you adore and refer to it for recipe inspiration whenever you need a culinary spark. Look for cookbooks tailored for meal prep as they often include additional guidance on storing or freezing your meals after preparation.

4. A Slow Cooker or Instant Pot

When it comes to effortless preparation of large-batch recipes, a slow cooker or Instant Pot is indispensable. Both are perfect for those “set it and forget it” recipe types, ensuring you won’t spend your entire Sunday in the kitchen. Opt for an Instant Pot for time efficiency or choose a slow cooker if you prefer to relax while your meal simmers away.

5. Sheet Pans

Sheet pans are another essential for meal prepping. Countless easy sheet pan recipes are ideal for meal prep, making it essential to have a fresh set of cooking sheets if your current ones are worn out or if you’re yet to invest in them. Opt for sturdy pans that can withstand various ingredients and choose a non-stick material for effortless cleaning.

6. A Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is a valuable asset for meal prepping, whether you’re measuring ingredients or dividing individual portions. When it’s time to pack away your meals, the scale helps ensure each component is distributed evenly, leaving no portion lacking. By weighing ingredients accurately, you’re likely to achieve better recipe outcomes compared to using measuring cups or spoons.


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