If you were to ask any of my friends to sum me up in three words, they’d likely mention my deep love for my elderly dog, my tendency to overdress for all occasions, and my ongoing battle with stomach issues.

My stomach troubles have plagued me for as long as I can remember. Despite numerous doctor visits and tests, I was always told that nothing was medically wrong. Repeatedly diagnosed with IBS, I found myself searching for answers and relief. I tried various diets, including low-FODMAP, and religiously took supplements and probiotics without success. That is until I stumbled upon a popular probiotic product on TikTok that caught my attention.

My social media feed seemed to understand my digestive struggles, as it started showing me numerous testimonials praising Seed Probiotics. Out of exasperation, I decided to take a chance and ordered them last summer based on the unsponsored reviews that claimed positive effects on gut health. After six months of incorporating Seed into my routine, here’s how it went:

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What are Seed Probiotics?

Seed DS-01® Daily Synbiotic is a probiotic supplement with a unique approach. Each capsule contains a blend of probiotics and prebiotics essential for gut health. Seed offers 24 probiotic strains and includes prebiotics sourced from Indian pomegranate. They utilize ViaCap® delivery technology, encapsulating the bacteria within a capsule to enhance survival through stomach acid.

What Makes Seed Different?

What sets Seed apart from other probiotics is its shelf-stable nature, eliminating the need for refrigeration. Unlike traditional CFU measurements, Seed uses active florescent units (AFUs), boasting a count of 56.3 billion. The capsules are designed to shield the bacteria from stomach acidity, maximizing efficacy. Seed’s probiotic formula comprises clinically tested strains, is vegan, and undergoes testing for common allergens.

My Experience Taking Seed

Being no stranger to probiotics, I had tried various brands before Seed. Upon ordering Seed, I received a 25% discount on my initial purchase but had to commit to a subscription, which initially gave me pause. I decided that if I didn’t notice any benefits after a month, I could cancel—but that wasn’t necessary.

From the moment I started taking Seed, I appreciated the experience. While appearances aren’t everything, the eco-friendly green jar containing the capsules exuded a premium feel compared to my previous probiotics. The tasteless, non-refrigerated capsules went down effortlessly for me.

My stomach typically remained bloated, painful, and unpredictable. Even with a strict diet, bouts of discomfort could occur unexpectedly. Within three days of trying Seed, my consistent lack of bloating caught my attention. This change wasn’t a one-off; since incorporating Seed, bloating has become a thing of the past for me (except during my period). Even foods that typically triggered bloating, like raw vegetables and ice cream, no longer caused me issues—an incredible improvement.

To be honest, I didn’t anticipate significant changes when I started Seed. I noticed the reduction in bloating, but soon forgot about it until several weeks later when I realized my stomach had been consistently better. For the first time in memory, my stomach felt content. In the ensuing six months, my digestive health remained stable, prompting me to cancel an acupuncture appointment I had considered a last resort. No longer dictated by my stomach issues, I relished a life free from constant worry about flare-ups.

The Verdict: Is Seed Worth It?

Seed has been a game-changer for me over the past six months. For the first time, I can confidently say that my stomach feels normal—a statement I never expected to make. If Seed has had such a positive impact on me, I believe it can benefit others as well.

While the subscription model may deter some, I wholeheartedly endorse trying Seed. If, by some chance, you’re dissatisfied, cancelling after a month or two is an option, though I doubt you’ll need it. The convenience of the subscription ensures I never run out, unlike my past probiotics that I’d forget to repurchase. I’ve shared my success with Seed with everyone I know and plan to continue using it. The remarkable improvement in my quality of life has made every penny spent on Seed worthwhile, and I can’t envision reverting to my previous stomach struggles.

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