Mashable Tech Editor Kimberly Gedeon gets a robot massage.
Credit: Joe Maldonado

Human masseuses should watch out! AI massage robots are now available, equipped with arms and hands that never tire and exceed what humans can offer.

Aescape, a lifestyle robotics company, invited Mashable to experience an AI-assisted massage robot in New York City. Eager for a free massage, I eagerly accepted the invitation.

When I envisioned an “AI massage robot,” I expected a handheld device or something similar to a popular TikTok massager. To my surprise, I found myself lying on a full-sized massage bed with imposing robot arms.

After experiencing Aescape’s robot masseuse pampering my back and buttocks for 30 minutes, I could foresee a future where robots become our new companions. Here are five reasons why I’m opting for robot masseuses:


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1. No more feeling uneasy during massages

Due to scars from recent surgeries, I feel uncomfortable undressing fully for massages. While I trust human masseuses to remain professional regardless of my scars, I can’t shake the feeling of being judged silently.

Kimberly Gedeon trying out Aescape's robot massage

Credit: Joe Maldonado / Mashable

The AI massage robot from Aescape doesn’t form opinions or judgements. For those uncomfortable with undressing, Aescape provides a branded athleisure set to wear during the massage. This set is form-fitting, comfortable, and of high quality.

Optimally, the robot masseuse works with clothing on for better comfort, as direct contact on bare skin might be unpleasant. Users are also required to tie their hair up to avoid interference during the massage.

2. Customize pressure to your preference

As I settled into the massage bed, a tablet prompted me with questions, including my preferred pressure level for the massage. Soon, I felt the robot hands massaging my upper back as if smooth fists were kneading my muscles.

Kimberly Gedeon trying out Aescape's robot massage

Credit: Kimberly Gedeon / Mashable

I was amazed at how realistic the massage felt; it was as if a human were massaging me. The robot adjusted its arms on my back, creating a do
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