At The Everygirl, we all have our unique ways of embracing the festive season. Some of us are spending time with friends, others are indulging in cheesy holiday films, a few are heading back to their hometowns, and some are opting for cozy solo nights in.

Regardless of how you celebrate this year, we’ve curated a holiday calendar with delightful activities for each day until New Year’s Eve. These 61 festive ideas will add some extra sparkle to your holiday season. Mark them on your calendar and get ready for a season filled with joy.


1. Hang a wreath—fall or holiday!
2. Donate a toy to a children’s hospital or organization
3. Watch a seasonal movie you haven’t seen before, like Love, Actually or The Holiday
4. Prepare your home for holiday decorations with a cleaning session
5. Give your barista a generous tip
6. Whip up a cozy comfort-food recipe
7. Sport your favorite holiday socks for some festive vibes

8. Treat yourself to a new pair of slippers
9. List down your holiday intentions for a meaningful season
10. Enjoy a childhood holiday movie
11. Cook a cherished family recipe
12. Mix up a holiday-inspired drink (Coffee? Booze? Why not both?)
13. Send a seasonal plant delivery to a relative
14. Spread holiday cheer with cards, whether store-bought or DIY
15. Get crafty with a holiday project

16. Reconnect with an old friend
17. Indulge in a Nancy Meyers movie
18. Celebrate the weekend with a bottle of bubbly
19. Have a double feature of a classic holiday movie remake (Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, etc.)
20. Cook or bake with loved ones
21. Embark on an ice skating adventure
22. Organize a holiday gift exchange with friends

23. THANKSGIVING: Express gratitude by calling three special people
24. BLACK FRIDAY: Snag a discounted investment piece or coveted item
25. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY: Support small businesses while shopping for gifts
26. Select and decorate a tree, whether real or artificial
27. Donate a coat to those in need through initiatives like One Warm Coat
28. Rock a tacky holiday sweater
29. Share a kiss under the mistletoe with a loved one or even yourself!
30. Read a holiday-themed book like One Day in December or Royal Holiday


1. Create kits for those in need: homeless shelters, animal rescues, etc.
2. Virtually shop for gifts with a loved one over a call
3. Find the perfect Christmas PJs
4. Experiment with a festive manicure
5. Prepare homemade hot chocolate
6. Illuminate your space with twinkling lights
7. Kick off Hanukkah by making potato latkes at home
8. Craft DIY wrapping paper and send a gift to someone special

9. Curate a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes
10. Challenge yourself with a new holiday recipe
11. Sort through your closet to swap or donate items in good condition
12. Prepare your go-to meal from scratch
13. Share and make a friend’s favorite family recipe
14. Reminisce over old holiday photos with loved ones
15. Gift a special ornament to a family member or friend with a heartfelt note

16. Wrap gifts while watching a holiday movie and sipping hot cocoa
17. Host a festive pajama party with loved ones (matching PJs encouraged)
18. Display a tray of holiday candies
19. Find your signature red lipstick for holiday gatherings
20. Bake and share holiday cookies with neighbors
21. Get creative with fresh greens to make a holiday wreath or planter
22. Embrace glitter and sparkle with a festive outfit or makeup look
23. Sing your heart out with friends during a karaoke session featuring holiday tunes

24. CHRISTMAS EVE: Enjoy a drive or walk to admire festive lights and decorations
25. CHRISTMAS DAY: Write thank you cards for friends and family
26. Recycle leftover wrapping paper responsibly
27. Grab a 2024 planner and start organizing your year
28. Cozy up in warm attire with your favorite hot drink
29. Give yourself a DIY manicure/pedicure
30. Set your New Year’s resolutions
31. NEW YEAR’S EVE: Reflect on fond memories from 2023 and set new goals for 2024


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