People naturally fall into routines, and I’m no different. While I enjoy having a set schedule like everyone else (I especially love my morning routine), I sometimes struggle to keep up with certain practices that have slipped away (looking at you, meditation and exercise). Whether it’s due to the holiday season, my tendency to procrastinate, or being a new parent, the question, “Where does the time go?” constantly crosses my mind. This is where habit stacking comes into play – combining a new habit with an activity you already do regularly (my secret weapon and how I manage to accomplish anything these days). In the spirit of productivity, here are 10 wellness products that simplify habit stacking for you.

Foldable Treadmill

Fitting in movement just got easier with the WalkingPad. Its foldable design allows you to effortlessly place it under your desk and store it away if space is limited. Whether you’re in a Zoom meeting, listening to a podcast, or scrolling through social media, avoid missing your workout by walking on your personal treadmill. Who says your workout routine can’t be done in the comfort of your living room?

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