When it comes to grabbing attention on TikTok, nothing does it quite like a stunning manicure. Currently, the talk of the town is the “Boston University red” nail color. Created by the brand DND, this shade is described by the company as a “perfect scarlet red,” balancing brightness and depth. DND even took to TikTok to showcase how to flaunt this color, especially for those looking for a Halloween-inspired look.

The specific color draws inspiration from BU Red — #CC0000 or Pantone’s 186 — which stands as one of Boston University’s official hues alongside black.

A screenshot of a person doing their nails.

This hue has taken TikTok by storm, with the hashtag #bostonuniversityred gathering over 226,000 views on the app. TikTok users are quickly adopting this trend. For instance, @kybeal_ shared videos of the manicure, stating, “Boston University Red is my new fav,” while nail creator @heluviee showcased the color as perfect for Halloween, calling it “vampy reds of my dreamsss.”

Trends in beauty on TikTok move swiftly, and nail fads are ever-changing. Just this summer, “blueberry milk” manicures were a hit, but the trend faced controversy due to its name and originality.

It’s crucial to note that the popularity of red nails isn’t a novel idea. Well-known nail brands have always offered an array of red shades. According to Anna Waletzko, Cultural Analyst at Canvas8, repackaging existing trends is a way to make an impact on TikTok. “It’s a way to rebrand and stand out in the sea of content that churns endlessly,” she says.

A screenshot of a creator wearing red nails.

“Boston University Red” has become a part of this ongoing fascination. Nevertheless, amid these trends and debates, the underlying philosophy remains clear: Pick and wear what you like – it’s that simple!


TikTok’s ‘blueberry milk nails’ have the internet questioning trend culture

DND Boston University Red nail polish

Credit: DND
DND Boston University Red nail polish

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