When I first moved into my own place, I was excited to bring my Pinterest inspirations and beloved Architectural Digest features to life. I splurged on marble trays, artwork, coffee table books, and crystals for every corner in a quest to create a stunning space worthy of showcasing on Instagram or TikTok. However, I soon realized that my decorating dreams faded quickly, leaving me back where I started but with unnecessary items.

After nearly three years, I came to the realization that I had been focusing on the wrong aspects of furnishing my home. The things I tried actually worked against me and made my life more complicated.

Though I’ve made my fair share of rookie interior design mistakes, you can benefit from my experiences. Here are the five interior design tips I wish I had known before moving into my own place.

1. Aesthetic is nice, but comfort is key

Your home items are only valuable if you can comfortably enjoy them. While a beautiful but impractical accent chair may look appealing for photos or hosting, it may not offer the relaxation you need when unwinding. Comfort should be the priority when selecting furniture. If torn between comfort and aesthetics, prioritize comfort. You can always enhance the look of a room with accessories like throw pillows, blankets, flowers, or coffee table books.

2. Focus on one thing at a time

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” applies to home décor. Most of us lack the budget for instant makeovers. Instead, tackle one project at a time. If your living room needs a refresh, begin with painting the walls or adding new wallpaper. Then gradually move on to purchasing a new couch, hanging wall art, and so forth. Focusing on one task at a time helps in prioritizing and realizing your vision without breaking the bank.

3. Shop strategically

While it’s tempting to buy every trendy home decor item you see on social media, impulsive purchases can lead to unnecessary clutter. Avoid filler items and save up for essential pieces or ensure you have a specific place in mind for each purchase.

4. Infuse your space with brightness

While dark colors may have their charm, excessive use can make a room feel small and gloomy. Opt for light, airy colors to create a spacious and uplifting ambiance. Light, warm-toned paint colors such as creamy whites or light beiges can set an inviting tone. Pair these with vibrant furniture or accessories to add life to your space.

5. Don’t be afraid to blend styles

There are no strict rules in interior design. Experiment with blending styles that resonate with you. Combining different styles can showcase your personality throughout your home. Mixing contemporary furniture with modern glam accessories, for instance, can add drama and femininity without overwhelming the space. Embrace mixing and matching styles that appeal to you—they can harmonize beautifully.


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