In a digital world flooded with content, Taylar Barrington-Booker established Cliquish, a supportive online community for women in 2018. Drawing from her background in marketing and education, along with her entrepreneurial drive, she created a platform aimed at female bloggers, vloggers, and influencers looking to expand their businesses. The community has now grown to impact over 10,000 women globally.

The Cliquish platform, with the tagline “when being Cliquish is good,” provides online courses, live events, coaching, and access to a collaborative network for content creators. The focus lies on social media business strategies, emphasizing the significance of connecting with your audience and having a clear vision.

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Taylar, with extensive experience in social media marketing, shares valuable insights on cultivating an online presence.

“Shifting away from follower count, focus on building communities. Content creators should prioritize community engagement, connectivity, and making a difference within their space,” Taylar advised.

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She stresses the importance of strategic partnerships for brand building and profitability. Taylar explained, “To expand your reach, collaborate with partners who share a similar audience. By aligning with complementary brands, you can tap into a wider but relevant market.”

Adapting to Instagram’s evolving features is crucial, according to Taylar. Embrace new tools and follow platform guidelines for enhanced visibility and engagement.

Source: @cliquish

Shift from outdated Instagram growth tactics like generic hashtags and follow-spam methods. Taylar recommends using niche hashtags, engaging with distinct communities, and leveraging location tags for increased visibility.

Creating compelling, authentic content is key. Focus on producing content that resonates with your audience and encourages word-of-mouth promotion, as Taylar highlights.

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Understanding your online presence and audience’s needs is fundamental, as per Taylar. By aligning your online persona and purpose, success will naturally follow.


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