I strongly believe that comforting food recipes can solve just about anything. If you forgot your subway card and had to trek a mile home in the snow, there’s a comforting, creamy pasta bake to lift your spirits. Encountered your ex at the grocery store looking a bit worse for wear after a night out? A cheesy homemade pizza can help. Feeling down because the sun sets early and your annual existential crisis is here? A chicken and rice casserole can provide some solace.

As much as I adore warm knit sweaters and cozy nights during colder weather, I am even more thrilled about enjoying the indulgent comfort food recipes that bring me so much joy. Whether you want to warm up on a crisp fall evening, erase a mediocre workday, or treat yourself for choosing to walk instead of taking public transport, we have a comforting meal for you. Continue reading for 30 simple comfort food recipes that are guaranteed to satisfy:

1. Homemade Cheesy SpaghettiOs

2. Easy Chicken Enchiladas


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