Approaching the festive yet sometimes overwhelming holiday season can bring about stressors that may hinder your connection with your partner. Amidst the chaos of family gatherings and travel plans, finding time to prioritize your relationship can seem like just another task on your list. However, nurturing your bond with your partner should not be sidelined. Here are eight tips that have helped my partner and me stay close both physically and emotionally during the holiday season, and they can help you too.

1. Establish New Traditions Together

The holidays are often associated with traditions, be it decorating the house or baking Christmas cookies. While these customs are cherished, it’s essential to create new traditions with your partner to make them feel involved and special during the holiday season. It could be something as simple as watching a favorite movie together or driving around to see holiday lights.

2. Set a Cozy Atmosphere

Embrace the novelty and excitement of the holidays by creating a romantic ambiance at home. Using Christmas lights, candles, and indulging in treats like chocolate can make intimate moments with your partner more special and memorable. Consider incorporating holiday-themed lingerie or role-playing for added fun.

3. Cook Together

Preparing a meal together can be a bonding experience that allows you to enjoy each other’s company and focus on a shared activity. Whether it’s a simple pasta dish or a more elaborate recipe, cooking together can enhance your connection and provide a break from the holiday rush.

4. Schedule Alone Time

Make time for private moments with your partner amidst the holiday hustle. Prioritize quality alone time by planning activities together and ensuring you have moments to unwind and connect without distractions. Giving importance to one-on-one time can help alleviate stress and strengthen your relationship.

5. Prioritize Self-Care

During the holiday season, it’s crucial to focus on self-care to maintain emotional and physical well-being. Allowing each other space to engage in activities that promote relaxation and personal growth contributes to a healthier relationship dynamic.

6. Run Errands Together

Transform mundane tasks like running errands into bonding opportunities by including your partner. Whether it’s picking up packages or changing tires, making these activities more enjoyable by playing festive music or admiring holiday decorations can make them feel less tedious.

7. Surprise Each Other

Add an element of surprise to your relationship by showering your partner with unexpected gifts or gestures, both inside and outside the bedroom. Small acts of kindness, like treating them to their favorite drink or introducing a new intimate experience, can keep the holiday spirit alive in your daily routine.

8. Embrace Romantic Moments

Indulge in cheesy romantic activities like ice skating or attending holiday events to create lasting memories with your partner. Engaging in festive experiences together allows you to connect on a deeper level and relish the joy of the holiday season.


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