On TikTok, Tyla’s “Water” has gained immense popularity, with users attempting to replicate the intricate dance moves featured in the South African singer’s viral song. Recently, an interesting offshoot trend has emerged around this seductive tune, particularly involving women testing their partners.

You’ll come across numerous videos of TikTok users swaying and getting into the groove of the catchy track. With the song’s suggestive nature, women on TikTok have ingeniously begun using it to evaluate their partners and determine if they might have wandering eyes.

Mastering the Tyla “Water” Challenge

Women strategically position themselves beside their partners and pretend to browse through TikTok. Eventually, they start playing Tyla’s “Water,” a song with lyrics such as “Make me sweat, make me hotter, make me lose my breath, make me water.”

At this point, the woman discreetly captures her partner’s reaction. Any quick or lingering glance at the phone results in a test fail. However, if the partner displays no interest in looking, they successfully pass the test.

However, this test has its limitations. For instance, if the song is played suddenly without prior TikTok browsing, it’s natural for a partner to glance given the abrupt noise from the phone. Also, a partner peeking at the tester’s phone doesn’t necessarily indicate disloyalty; it could just stem from curiosity.

How might you fare if you were the one being tested?


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