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If you grew up attending sports events, you’re likely aware of TikTok’s latest trend.

It’s not related to actual sports but rather about hot dogs.

In American stadiums, hot dog sellers roam the aisles, shouting to sell their products. There’s an art to it, with each vendor adding their own flair. The standard call might be something like “hot dog, get ya hot dogs here,” but there are sellers who increase the volume, others who use different phrasing, and those who get creative, pronouncing it in unique ways.

The key point is that each hot dog vendor has their distinct style of calling.


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So, here comes the TikTok trend. It’s simple. Out of the blue, one person, often a woman, asks their partner, usually a man, what their hot dog call would sound like. This trend has variations, such as people asking their dad or women doing their own hot dog calls. The interesting part is that most participants always have a call ready to go. It’s a fun and wholesome experience on the internet.

Below are some of the posts that have gained popularity through this trend.

The hot dog call trend, speaking gender-neutrally, celebrates the best of expression. Everyone has their own hot dog call waiting to be unleashed.


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