Being in your twenties can be financially challenging as you navigate bills and expenses, especially during peak wedding season when many of your peers are getting married. Attending weddings can be costly, but there are ways to manage your finances effectively even when you are not the one walking down the aisle.

If your summer agenda is packed with weddings, showers, and bachelorette parties, you are not alone. However, there are ways to navigate the financial demands of the wedding circuit. Here are six smart hacks to help you afford wedding season without breaking the bank.

Share Dresses with Friends

Instead of buying new dresses for each event, consider borrowing from friends or organizing a clothing swap. This way, everyone can have a fresh outfit without the expense. You can also share jewelry, bags, and shoes to complete your look.

Wait for Registry Sales

Keep an eye on the couple’s registry and wait for sales before purchasing gifts. Alternatively, a heartfelt card or homemade gift can be just as meaningful as an expensive item.

Utilize Credit Card Points

Utilize credit card rewards for everyday expenses leading up to wedding season. Save up these points to offset costs such as gifts or travel expenses for weddings.

Offer Your Services as a Gift

If you have a talent or skill, offer it as a gift to the couple. Whether it’s calligraphy, music, or organizing, your time and effort can be more valuable than a physical present.

Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

If you’re part of the wedding party, consider doing your hair and makeup yourself to save money. If you’re a guest, opt for a free makeup trial or ask a skilled friend for help instead of paying for professional services.

Consider Not Attending

If attending a wedding is financially burdensome, consider politely declining the invitation. Couples will understand and appreciate your honesty, and you can celebrate with them in a different way later on. Remember, weddings should be celebrations, not financial strains.


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