When it comes to exercise, I typically steer clear of cardio activities like cycling, HIIT workouts, and running—it’s just not my thing. However, there was one exception that caught my attention: the Taylor Swift treadmill workout. Upon discovering the trend on TikTok, I was intrigued. As a fan of Taylor Swift and someone who enjoys walking, I decided to switch up my usual strength training routine and give this workout a shot for a week. Read on to learn about the workout routine, my personal experience, and whether it’s something you might want to try.

The Workout Routine

This workout, developed by TikTok personality Allie Bennett, is straightforward. It involves walking (or strutting, as Allie calls it) to the rhythm of her thoughtfully curated playlists. Each playlist kicks off with lively warm-up tracks, transitions to faster-paced songs suited for running or brisk walking, and concludes with a couple of slower tunes for cooldown. A tip to maximize the workout is to ensure the playlist isn’t on shuffle so that the songs play in the intended order. Begin at a comfortable pace with the first song and incrementally increase your speed by 0.1 MPH whenever the song changes. The outcome is a 30-minute workout comprising a blend of low-impact and high-impact movements tailored to your fitness level and musical preferences.


Replying to @norahhlouise the treadmill strut that started it all is back and BETTER THAN EVER BABY !! this TSTS has TWO running options (bc we all know all too well deserves its own moment 🧣) – let me know if you try this one out !! @benntheredonethat #treadmillstrut #taylorswift

♬ hour long taylor swift treadmill strut workout – allie bennett

My Personal Journey

I kicked off my endeavor with Allie Bennett’s original Taylor Swift treadmill workout playlist. Initially, I felt a bit self-conscious strutting in front of others at the gym, and adjusting to the correct speed for the initial songs proved challenging (given my lack of treadmill experience and rhythm). However, when “Better Than Revenge” played, I hit my stride. Despite “Shake it Off” and “…Ready For It?” being some of my go-to energizing tracks, I stuck to a fast walk due to my nerves. The highlight? Strutting to “Style” as the final song, exuding major main character vibes.

Subsequently, I tested Allie’s Midnights treadmill strut playlist, inspired by an album I’d been listening to non-stop. While I found my pace more quickly this time, maintaining the beat during slower portions of the songs posed a challenge. This led me to believe that perhaps the Midnights album may not be the most suitable for strutting. Despite this, I pushed myself to attempt running to “The Great War,” only managing a mere two minutes before reverting to a fast walk. While the TikToks made it seem effortless to run to Taylor Swift tunes, my reality differed, acknowledging my lack of recent running practice.

Rounding out my trial, I ventured into Allie’s hour-long Taylor Swift treadmill strut playlist. Initially intimidated by the idea of an hour-long cardio session, my positive initial experiences piqued my interest in this extended workout. To my delight, I found myself lost in nostalgia, strutting along to “Picture To Burn” and eagerly anticipating each subsequent track. The unexpected inclusion of a remix of “Delicate” added to the excitement. This playlist offered two choices for the running segment: either “All Too Well (10 minute version)” or “Haunted,” “Out of the Woods,” and “Mr. Perfectly Fine.” Remaining true to my Swiftie roots, I opted for a brief run during “All Too Well,” although it was a condensed version, given my current fitness level.

My Conclusion

Despite not aiming for marathon training, I can confidently affirm that I have converted to cardio thanks to Allie Bennett and her Taylor Swift treadmill strut workout. Traditionally, I grew disinterested on the treadmill quickly, even while watching shows or listening to podcasts. However, with this workout, I found myself engrossed in pacing to the beat and singing along to beloved tracks, diverting my attention from the workout itself. This not only made the workout more enjoyable but also seemingly accelerated time.

I appreciated the adaptability of the routine. Since the emphasis is on walking to the music’s rhythm, there’s no pressure to maintain a specific speed, acknowledging individual variances based on height. Additionally, the running portions can be adjusted to brisk walking if desired. I look forward to exploring other treadmill strut playlists (hoping for a Reputation edition) and will certainly incorporate this workout into my fitness regimen moving forward.


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