Seeing Aidan return was a relief was my initial reaction upon encountering his sincere and kind face back on the screen during season three of Sex and the City. Despite Carrie’s past transgressions against him, as they awkwardly interacted outside of Steve’s bar, I couldn’t help but root for their reunion. Through their revived romance, Aidan’s proposal, and even his surprise appearance in the Sex and the City 2 movie, I held onto hope that Carrie would choose Aidan over Big. The disappointment of not seeing my favorite pair end up together left me more shattered than Aidan or the Mr. Big disliker within me.

Upon revisiting their story, the regret of Carrie choosing Big over Aidan twice still lingers. Aidan, among all the men in the Sex and the City universe, was the epitome of perfection, despite some flaws—for instance, the low point being Samantha’s revenge on the unfaithful Richard with a poster. Aidan brought the emotional depth that Big lacked, yet he appeared too good for Carrie in the end.

Thus, seeing an older, still charming Aidan rendezvous with Carrie in season two of And Just Like That left me surprised. Although on-screen exes often struggle to move on, I had hoped Aidan would acknowledge that Carrie was the one who pushed him aside and would seek a fresh start. With my rom-com expertise and Sex and the City degree in hand, I believe I can pinpoint the necessary changes for Carrie and Aidan to make for their relationship to thrive this time around.

Carrie Must Prioritize Someone Besides Herself

During their season four split, Carrie claimed, “I am yours, there is nobody else.” In reality, she should have admitted, “There is nobody else for now.” Repeatedly, she prioritized her feelings for Big over Aidan. Cheating with her former lover was bad enough, but she continued to involve him in her relationship with Aidan upon rekindling. Aidan’s request for Carrie to cut ties with her ex was perfectly reasonable. Carrie’s ongoing communication and Big’s involvement, like inviting him to Aidan’s cabin, crossed boundaries.

Reflecting on Carrie and Aidan’s relationship from the start, it’s evident that she was self-centered. Their seemingly sweet bond turned sour upon closer inspection during a rerun of the series. Carrie struggled with commitment from the beginning, showing little interest in meeting Aidan’s parents or forming a connection with his dog. Her infidelity, disregarding Aidan’s feelings, and reluctance to wear her engagement ring properly all underscored her selfishness. Despite growing feelings for him in their second chance, she reverted to prioritizing her desires over his needs.

While it’s healthy for a relationship not to be entirely focused on someone else, neglecting to consider your partner’s feelings and communicate honestly can lead to heartbreak. Addressing her hesitation with the engagement ring could have prevented much pain.

In conclusion, Carrie’s treatment of Aidan should not serve as a relationship guide. Honesty and consideration for your partner are essential; if you’re not enthusiastic about them from the start, it may be time to move on.

Realizing Their Relationship Isn’t an Escape

When revisiting her past with Aidan and expressing her desire to reconcile, Carrie conveniently disregarded their incident in Abu Dhabi during Sex and the City 2. Reconnecting in the spinoff years after their last encounter, they seemed to downplay their past actions and focus on building a future. Despite a seemingly successful Valentine’s Day date, their unresolved history, encapsulated by Carrie’s apartment where Aidan once renovated while she was with Big, remained a lingering issue. The relationship felt detached from reality until a recent And Just Like That… episode where Carrie decided to sell her apartment following interactions with Aidan’s children.

Before rekindling with an ex, it’s crucial to address past mistakes and consider the practicalities of making the relationship work. Discussing necessary changes and ensuring both partners are committed to growth is vital to avoid repeating past patterns and causing further heartbreak.

Aidan Must Assert Himself

While Aidan is often hailed as the ideal man, he’s frequently presented as the victim in the Sex and the City narrative. However, he also bears responsibility. Aware of Carrie’s other romantic ties and her preference for someone else, he failed to assert his needs, even after expressing discontent with Big’s continued involvement. This mirrored Carrie’s dynamic with Big, putting her priorities above Aidan’s. As they reunite, the question arises: Will Aidan address red flags in Carrie’s behavior, or continue to tolerate mistreatment?

Aidan must learn from past experiences and stand up for himself this time around. A relationship where one partner feels like an afterthought cannot lead to happiness. While it’s natural to pursue personal goals, staying in a relationship where your needs are disregarded is untenable. Both partners should uplift and prioritize each other for a fulfilling relationship.

Revisiting Their Rekindled Relationship

Despite the complexities of their past, Carrie and Aidan must confront their history to move forward. Carrie must treat Aidan with respect, while Aidan needs to voice his boundaries clearly. With Big out of the picture and Carrie reflecting on her choices, there may be hope for a successful future. However, breaking old habits is essential for their relationship to thrive. Perhaps, against all odds, a happy ending awaits them.


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