Do you often find yourself missing those fun times with your girls? Despite our love for Girls’ Night Out (GNO) or Girls’ Night In (GNI), our busy schedules filled with work, family commitments, household tasks, self-care routines, and romantic evenings tend to overshadow our plans with friends. It’s time to prioritize and nurture those female friendships that mean so much to us. Let’s make planning girlfriend dates a priority to strengthen those bonds.

Let’s take the guesswork out of planning your next girlfriend get-together. A chance meeting with your bestie at the store doesn’t count as quality time together. Whether it’s hosting a themed party, enrolling in a craft class, or catching a local performance, these ideas are perfect for you and your besties to look forward to. Pick your favorite or schedule them all throughout the year. Let’s promise to never let months pass without planning a much-needed girlfriend date again.

1. Plan a Winery Visit

Unwinding at a winery with your girlfriends is a dream come true. Research wineries in your vicinity and choose one to visit with your squad. Opt for a wine tour and tastings or explore different wineries over the months to share a bottle (or two) with your pals. Dress to impress in your best wine country attire for added fun.

2. Enjoy a Show Together

Whether you’re into theater, music, or comedy, book tickets for a show in your town, mark your calendars, and head out with your girlfriends for an entertaining evening. Regardless of the season, there are always indoor and outdoor shows nearby. Make the most of it by grabbing drinks and dinner before the show starts!

3. Hit the Dance Floor

Picture this: a night out with your besties, dressed in your dancing best, carefree and ready to groove to your favorite tunes. No explanation needed—just let loose on the dance floor and create unforgettable memories.

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4. Explore the Farmer’s Market

If you’re someone who always plans to visit a farmers market but never quite makes it, invite your girlfriends along. They’ll likely be excited to join you for a leisurely stroll in athleisure attire while picking up fresh, local produce. Consider planning a meal together with your market finds if you have the whole day free.

5. Host a Themed Dinner Party

You don’t need a special occasion to throw a dinner party. All you need is a few friends, a theme, and some planning. Whether it’s Barbie-inspired decor, or a Taylor Swift music extravaganza, let your creativity run wild and make memories with your besties.

6. Create Vision Boards

Envision your dreams and aspirations with your closest friends by your side. Grab some glue sticks, magazines, and poster boards, and start visualizing your career goals, wellness ambitions, style inspiration, and more. Vision boards not only make a fun activity but also leave you motivated with a support system cheering you on.

7. Attend a Craft Workshop

From pottery classes to wreath-making workshops, there’s no shortage of crafty opportunities. Coordinate with your friends via group chat, check for available classes, and join one together. Many local venues offer affordable classes like pottery, wreath making, and more. You’ll leave with newfound skills, a beautiful creation, and cherished memories with your girlfriends.