As a wellness editor, I don’t usually follow TikTok wellness trends, but the “12-3-30” workout routine has caught my attention. This treadmill workout promises great results in just 30 minutes, sparking curiosity among my colleagues and me. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

“I do 12-3-30 as needed when I want a really good workout but also want to be watching Netflix while I’m doing it,” said Beth. “I hate running, so I was pleasantly surprised at how I felt during and after 12-3-30,” Andi agreed. “I’m breaking a sweat without the high intensity that comes from running.” After researching, I discovered that The Everygirl editors aren’t the only fans of this exercise routine. Let’s explore the 12-3-30 treadmill workout further to see if it lives up to the buzz.

What is it?

The 12-3-30 workout is simple: Set the treadmill to an incline of 12 and a speed of 3 miles per hour, then walk for 30 minutes. This routine, popularized by social media influencer Lauren Giraldo, offers a low-impact alternative to running, providing numerous health benefits.

Is it worth the hype?

Many people swear by the 12-3-30 routine, citing weight loss and various health benefits. The workout’s focus on walking offers a low-impact option that can improve cardiovascular fitness, aid in weight management, and enhance mental well-being.

By adding an incline to your walk, you engage different muscle groups and increase cardiovascular demand without the high impact associated with running. This makes it accessible and beneficial for individuals of varying fitness levels.

The verdict:

The 12-3-30 routine is a convenient and effective workout that appeals to many looking for a manageable exercise option. It provides a challenging yet approachable way to break a sweat and improve overall fitness in just 30 minutes.

If you’re interested in trying the 12-3-30 routine, remember to consult with a healthcare professional or trainer before starting, especially if you’re new to incline walking. Start at a lower incline and gradually build up to level 12 to avoid straining your muscles or joints.

Incorporating the 12-3-30 workout into your fitness routine can be beneficial, but it’s essential to complement it with other forms of exercise for a well-rounded approach to health and fitness. Listen to your body, stay consistent, and enjoy the benefits of this popular walking workout.

Interested in trying for yourself?

The beauty of the 12-3-30 routine lies in its simplicity. All you need is a treadmill set to specific parameters and 30 minutes of your time. Remember to prioritize proper form and listen to your body to make the most of this workout.

As with any new workout, start gradually, seek professional advice, and ensure you’re incorporating a variety of exercises to support your overall fitness goals. The 12-3-30 routine can be a valuable addition to your regimen, offering a convenient and effective way to stay active and healthy.


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