We’ve all been enamored by Blake Lively at some point. From Gossip Girl to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants to her adorable moments with Ryan Reynolds, Blake appears to embody a happy and healthy lifestyle. She exudes confidence and ease, qualities many of us aspire to. But what’s her secret? After delving into her interviews, I discovered that Blake adheres to eight healthy habits religiously. Eager to emulate her vitality and wellness, I decided to adopt these habits in my own life. Here’s how it went.

1. Limit alcohol

Despite enjoying social gatherings, Blake opts to steer clear of alcohol. In a 2021 interview with People Magazine, she mentioned, “I don’t like the effects of alcohol, but I like being a part of it. I like being social. I like people coming together.” Inspired by her choice, I spent a recent Friday celebrating a friend’s birthday with kombucha instead of my usual glass of wine. The result? A refreshing and energized morning, a welcome change from the grogginess that often follows alcohol consumption. Blake’s approach prompted me to reconsider my alcohol intake and perhaps indulge in her brand of non-alcoholic mixers, Betty Buzz.

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2. Never skip breakfast

The adage “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” rings true for Blake, who typically starts her day with eggs cooked in coconut oil alongside vegetables, as revealed by her trainer. I, too, appreciate the significance of breakfast but often opt for sugary cereal or a bagel instead of protein-rich options. Inspired by Blake’s routine, I incorporated protein into every breakfast during the week, be it eggs, a protein shake, or almond butter on toast. This small change resulted in prolonged satiety and eliminated the usual sugar crash. I’m sold on this rule and intend to maintain it.

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3. Always start the day with hydration

Blake kickstarts her mornings with a generous glass of water, as shared by her trainer in an interview with Cosmopolitan. While staying hydrated at the start of the day may seem effortless, many of us struggle to consume enough water. Emulating Blake, I introduced some hacks to facilitate morning hydration, like pre-filling my water bottle the night before and opting for a bottle for portability. Though initially challenging, I noticed positive changes by week’s end—no more caffeine-induced headaches and reduced fatigue levels.

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4. Prioritize exercise

Consistency is key for Blake, who dedicates 4-5 days a week to the gym. While her workout duration varies, her commitment remains unwavering. Following her lead, I tailored a workout schedule suited to my lifestyle, incorporating activities like spin classes, at-home workouts, and walks. The crucial lesson from Blake’s routine was the emphasis on regular movement over intense gym sessions, irrespective of time constraints.

Adding movement to my daily regimen proved manageable, even if a gym visit 4-5 times a week seemed unattainable. I discovered that consistency in any form of activity trumps sporadic intense workouts.

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5. Eat a balanced diet (and never count calories!)

Blake’s diet comprises a mix of proteins, vegetables, fruits, slow-burning starches, and healthy fats, without the burden of calorie tracking. I echo her approach by planning my weekly meals ahead, exploring new recipes, and incorporating common ingredients across multiple dishes. This strategy not only adds variety but also curbs excessive spending on food. Following this balanced routine aligns with my existing dietary practices and is one I intend to sustain.

6. Make room for fun

While adhering to a healthy lifestyle, Blake follows the 80/20 rule, comprising clean eating 80% of the time and allowing 20% for indulgences. Motivated by this principle, I reflected on my cravings and indulgences, seeking to understand their underlying reasons. By week’s end, I noticed a greater awareness of my snacking habits and a reduced inclination for unnecessary indulgences. Embracing a mindful approach to treats has led to a healthier balance in my diet, even if the 80/20 split occasionally skews.

7. Keep skincare simple

Blake’s practical skincare regimen includes affordable yet effective products like CeraVe and Burt’s Bees. Drawing inspiration from her, I simplified my skincare routine after years of experimenting with pricey products. Opting for natural cleansers, prescription creams, and lightweight sunscreens, I resonate with Blake’s belief in the efficacy of budget-friendly skincare. Each individual’s skin needs vary, highlighting the importance of finding products that suit your unique skin type.

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8. There’s no such thing as “perfection” in your exercise routine

Blake’s flexible approach to fitness acknowledges that workouts may not always go as planned—and that’s okay. By emphasizing consistent movement over rigid workout regimes, she highlights the importance of adapting to life’s uncertainties. I embraced this philosophy, integrating small exercises like walking and brief yoga sessions into my day. This lenient outlook relieved the pressure associated with structured workouts, leaving me energized and free from guilt.


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