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AI at Work

We look at how AI is reshaping the future of work and how this future is already unfolding.

Can AI applications ultimately replace human writers?

This question is gaining importance with recent closures like Vice and layoffs at publications like the Los Angeles Times, raising concerns about the future of human writers. While AI programs like ChatGPT can produce acceptable but uninspiring text, the emergence of ChatGPT’s video model Sora by its parent company OpenAI has intensified fears of AI companies displacing human workers.

However, attempts to replace human writers with AI have been largely unsuccessful. AI writers have been criticized for generating error-filled content. Even those actively replacing writers with AI, like Serbia’s Nebojša Vujinović Vujo, have expressed mixed feelings about the implications on quality and ethics.

Journalist Stephen Marche, who has extensively experimented with AI, recently utilized AI applications to create a mystery novella called Death of an Author. Although considered one of the first decent AI-generated books, Marche had to meticulously guide the AI applications, sometimes sentence by sentence, to achieve the desired outcome.

Released as an audiobook by Pushkin under the pseudonym “Aidan Marchine,” the novella delves into the theme of human-AI replacement, weaving futuristic concepts into a mystery narrative. The story addresses the evolving role of AI agents in society, emphasizing the potential consequences of displacing humans with AI counterparts.

Marche’s innovative approach highlights the complexity of human-AI collaboration, where humans play a vital role in directing AI-generated content. Despite the advancements, the intricacies of plot development and nuanced language remain challenging for AI systems to replicate effectively.

Marche reflected on the parallels between writing with AI and the role of a DJ in crafting music, emphasizing the early stages of exploring AI’s creative potential. He underscored the need for experimentation and collaboration to unlock the true artistic possibilities of AI-generated content.

Death of an Author is available for purchase on the Pushkin website, offering readers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of AI-generated literature and the creative challenges and opportunities it presents.

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