Summer is a special time of year for many people because it brings about cherished memories filled with cozy bonfire chats, lively BBQ gatherings, and sunny days spent floating in the pool. As the temperature climbs, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan exciting activities with friends and make the most of the season. Here are some fantastic ideas to add to your summer agenda:

1. Try a Pedal Tour

Bring your friends together for a pedal tour adventure. Pedal tours aren’t just for special occasions like birthdays; gather your friends, choose your stops, play your favorite tunes, and enjoy a themed tour exploring your city’s history or architecture.

2. Rent a Boat

If owning a boat isn’t an option, consider renting one for a day of water-based fun with your friends. Whether it’s a pontoon, sailboat, or yacht, there are rental options to suit various budgets. Have a blast tubing or water skiing as you spend the day on the water together.

3. Organize a Backyard Game Tournament

Add some friendly competition to your summer days with a backyard game tournament. Play games like cornhole, bocce, or badminton in a tournament style, and enjoy a barbecue and drinks in between matches.

Source: @cottonbro | Pexels

4. Go Camping

Whether in a backyard tent or at a lakeside campsite, camping is a simple yet enjoyable activity for any group of friends. Plan meals, pack essentials, and unwind by the campfire with games and s’mores.

5. Plan a Park Picnic

Organize a relaxing park picnic with your friends, complete with wine, snacks, and music. Keep it casual or create themed menus for a memorable summer get-together.

6. Watch Classic Summer Movies

Host a movie night featuring beloved summer classics like “Mamma Mia” or “The Notebook” for a cozy evening in. Grab some popcorn, blankets, and pillows for an outdoor movie experience if possible.

Source: @cottonbro | Pexels

7. Host a Food Boards Night

Get imaginative with food boards by having each friend contribute to a themed spread. From charcuterie to s’mores boards, indulge in a delicious and interactive meal-sharing experience.

8. Visit a Local Festival

Explore nearby summer festivals and community events with your friends. These activities are usually budget-friendly and offer a range of entertainment, from county fairs to arts festivals.


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