The Impact of AI on Jobs
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With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the advanced language models that power it, concerns have been raised, especially with the widespread adoption of technologies such as ChatGPT.

According to a recent study by the UK Department of Education, there are worries that AI could potentially automate a considerable number of jobs. The study’s leading experts suggest that up to 30% of jobs could be at risk of automation through AI.

Industries Most Affected by AI

The study highlights that fields most vulnerable to displacement include finance, law, business, management, and clerical work as AI continues to proliferate.

Specific professions at risk include:

  1. Business analysts and management consultants

  2. Financial managers and directors

The study also identifies occupations that will experience the least impact from AI, such as athletes, roofers, elementary construction workers, and vehicle cleaners.

Keen to delve deeper into the study? Check out “The Impact of AI on UK Jobs and Training.”

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