Experiencing the challenges of choosing towels while registering for wedding gifts, Liz Eichholz, former Creative Director at Bustle, teamed up with her friend Lindsey Johnson, a finance expert, to create Weezie, a luxury towel and robe company that simplifies the shopping process by offering customizable products.

Liz and Lindsey, now CEO and Creative Director of Weezie, share insights into their journey of launching a business while pregnant and reflect on their experiences working together.

Name: Liz Eichholz, Co-founder & Creative Director of Weezie
Age: 31
Location: Savannah, GA
Education: BFA from the University of Georgia

Name: Lindsey Johnson, Co-founder & CEO of Weezie
Age: 30
Location: New York, NY
Education: BS from Vanderbilt University; MBA from Columbia Business School

What were your initial roles, and how did you secure them?

Liz: After working in creative roles at companies like UncommonGoods and Bustle, becoming the first Creative Director, the entrepreneurial spirit I developed led me to Weezie.

Lindsey: With a finance background from Morgan Stanley and a venture into angel investing, transitioning to consumer venture capital at Columbia Business School paved the way for Weezie’s inception.

Tenacity and networking played key roles in securing our positions.

What inspired the launch of a towel company?

Liz: Overwhelmed by options while choosing towels during her wedding registry, Liz and Lindsey identified a need for a simpler, modern shopping experience.

Lindsey: Shared dissatisfaction with the traditional towel shopping process led to the idea of revolutionizing the sector, culminating in Weezie’s creation after thorough market research.

What skills were instrumental in navigating the company’s launch and growth?

Liz: Balancing feedback while staying true to the company’s vision is vital for a Creative Director.

Lindsey: Resilience, strategic planning, and attention to detail were crucial for Weezie’s successful launch.

Not everyone will resonate with your brand, but maintaining openness to adapt while upholding your vision is pivotal.

What do you wish you had known prior to Weezie’s launch, and what were the major challenges encountered?

Liz: Learning to trust intuition and balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship were key lessons. Managing a newborn alongside a growing business posed significant challenges.

Lindsey: Embracing uncertainty and addressing operational issues amidst consumer demand were major hurdles.

What guidance would you offer for collaborating with a friend?

Open communication, leveraging strengths, constructive dialogues, and setting boundaries are essential for a successful partnership.

Separating personal and professional relationships is crucial for maintaining a healthy dynamic.

How did you determine the completion of the R&D phase for the towels?

Researching consumer preferences and utilizing innovative technology in Portugal resulted in Weezie’s superior towels. Extensive testing and feedback validated the product’s readiness for the market.

Effective and transparent communication is paramount for cultivating a successful partnership.

The brand celebrated its one-year milestone on October 9th. What was the most significant lesson learned during this inaugural year?

Trusting instincts and quick decision-making were crucial in navigating challenges during the initial year of operation.

Liz, you had a baby while launching Weezie, and Lindsey, you’re currently pregnant. Describe your experience managing a business while pregnant.

Liz: Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship was challenging, but striving for efficiency and cherishing family life helped maintain balance.

Lindsey: Managing a business while pregnant poses its own challenges, but embracing the journey is key to overcoming them.

Preparing to relocate the business to Atlanta, how will this impact your management approach?

Proximity will enhance team collaboration, fostering a cohesive work culture and facilitating expansion efforts.

Any plans for diversifying beyond towels? If so, what’s on the horizon? If not, what influenced this decision?

Product expansion in 2020 aligns with consumer demands and the commitment to modern luxury. Upholding core values remains paramount in future offerings.

Customer engagement holds significance. How do you balance consumer feedback with your creative vision?

Customer insights shape product evolution, with feedback driving upcoming launches. Balancing innovation and feedback ensures a dynamic product line.

What are your aspirations for the future, both personally and for Weezie?

Enhancing customer experiences, launching visionary products, and brand advancement are key goals for Weezie’s future.

If you could advise your 22-year-old self, what guidance would you impart?

Liz: Embrace curiosity, seek knowledge, maintain perspective, and relish the journey for personal growth.

Lindsey: Embrace risk-taking, learn from mistakes, and leverage networking opportunities for growth.

Shed apprehensions about external perceptions, embrace risk-taking, and leverage networking opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Source: Taylor Jewell/ MiGolondrina

Liz & Lindsey are The Everygirl…

Beauty product everyone should try:
Liz: Supergoop Daily Moisturizer
Lindsey: Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Serum

Favorite aspect of your city:
Liz: The historical charm of Savannah, steeped in architectural elegance.
Lindsey: The convenience and walkability of urban living.

Preferred relaxation method after a lengthy week:
Liz: Indulging in a bubble bath, accompanied by wine, a book, and scented candles—a perfect escape. Wrapping up in a Weezie robe for some quality reading time is an added luxury.
Lindsey: Unwinding with a cheese platter and a glass of wine or a martini creates pure bliss.

Essential travel items:
Liz: Packed with an Away suitcase, Muji travel pillow, comfy shoes, and a sleep mask, travel comfort is paramount—our origins in Tempe Rowe still serve me well.
Lindsey: A compelling book and a trusty laptop are must-haves for travel exploration.

Favorite book, movie, or TV show:
Liz: Movie: First Wives Club; TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm
Lindsey: Current reads like Shoe Dog and anticipation for lessons from Steve Jobs’ biography ensure a captivating literary journey.


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