As a teenager, I had a sign in my room that read: “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” At 27, this quote now serves as a reminder to be fearless, advocate for what’s right, and persevere towards your goals despite obstacles.

Tristan Thibodeau, a self-proclaimed rule-breaker, embodies this spirit. Through her brand strategy and design agency, Wild Wmn Haus, she empowers clients in the beauty and wellness industries to stand out and excel in their fields.

With her experience as a working woman, I interviewed Thibodeau to explore her insights on successfully running a business with an all-female team, serving female clients, and her financial advice for women in business.

Thibodeau’s wisdom is invaluable for anyone launching a new venture, leading a company, or forging a unique career path. Read on to learn about Thibodeau’s journey in building Wild Wmn Haus and her three key financial tips for women in business.

Meet the expert
Tristan Thibodeau
Founder, CEO, and head brand strategist at Wild Womn Haus.
Focused on helping clients showcase their unique identity authentically, Thibodeau invites you to connect with her and the Wild Womn Haus Team on TikTok, Instagram, or through their website.

About Wild Womn Haus

Wild Womn Haus is a branding and design agency empowering beauty and wellness entrepreneurs to stand out. The agency’s name represents a rebellious spirit that Thibodeau embraces, envisioning it as a place for female entrepreneurs to unite and succeed.

Operating with an all-female team, Wild Womn Haus has become a leading brand and design agency. Thibodeau credits women’s collaborative efforts for the company’s success and expresses gratitude for the support and mentorship from fellow female entrepreneurs.

Tristan Thibodeau’s financial advice for women in business

Wild Womn Haus not only preaches these principles but also embodies them. Since its launch in February 2022, the company has seen a 59% growth in annual revenue and a remarkable 500% increase in earnings from brand projects, enabling reinvestment in clients and female entrepreneurs while maintaining profitability.

As Wild Womn Haus continues to grow, Thibodeau shares her top three financial tips for women in business:

1. Not every problem or weak spot needs to be solved with money

Thibodeau advises against relying solely on finances for every challenge. Developing skills and independent problem-solving are crucial. Expanding your knowledge base can be invaluable for long-term growth, even though outsourcing may seem efficient.

2. Identify what your one true priority is

Focusing on your main goal amid tasks is key to financial success. Thibodeau stresses evaluating investments for short and long-term returns to make informed decisions. Regularly assessing what drives growth and aligning investments aids in achieving objectives.

3. Don’t be afraid to make investments that scare you

Taking on investments that seem daunting is vital for business growth. Thibodeau emphasizes managing emotional responses to uncertainty and trusting your instincts. Cultivating inner boldness helps make calculated financial decisions, instilling confidence in risk management.

Decisiveness based on logic and foresight over emotionally driven choices leads to long-term financial stability and sustainable growth.


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