Is there a better time than the start of a new year to focus on your career and financial objectives? Setting intentions for the upcoming year is a powerful way to turn your aspirations into reality, and having the right resources is vital in accomplishing that. Each year, we understand the importance of this, so we equip ourselves with the necessary products and tools to assist us in reaching our goals. This year, our aim is to enhance productivity, manage budgets effectively, and maintain better organization, and we are relying on these 20 desk essentials to guide us. Whatever your career and financial goals may be this year, these desk essentials are here to support you in achieving them.

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1 Journals to help you manifest your goals
2 Calendars & planners to help keep you on track
3 Tools to boost your productivity
4 Accessories to keep you organized
5 Motivating reminders to keep you going throughout the year

Journals to help you manifest your goals

Dreaming big is one thing, but translating it into action is another challenge entirely. This year, grant yourself the space to concentrate on your goals with a stylish journal that will aid you in realizing them. Whether you require a place to record your plans or seek guided prompts for inspiration, these journals are designed to assist you in manifesting your career and financial goals this year.

Intelligent Change
Best Year Journal

Everyone can benefit from some extra guidance in life, and the Best Year Journal provides just that. With a structured approach to goal-setting, this journal helps you take concrete steps towards achieving your goals, enabling you to monitor your progress while promoting a healthy work-life balance for your best year yet.

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Bullet Journal

Gone are the days of keeping your thoughts to yourself and allowing your next breakthrough idea to slip away from you. Keep this bullet journal handy for jotting down ideas whenever inspiration strikes. After all, you never know when you might discover your next big idea.

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Intelligent Change
The Three-Question Journal

Looking to enhance self-awareness and gain a deeper insight into your core identity this year? Look no further. This journal presents three thought-provoking daily questions for you to answer, enabling you to uncover your strengths and weaknesses in a compassionate manner that fosters improved mental clarity, mindfulness, and stress relief.

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Intelligent Change
The Five Minute Journal

Life often seems to rush by, but this journal ensures you take a moment every day to reflect. With undated pages, you can dedicate five minutes each morning or evening to acknowledge your achievements, capture bright moments, and celebrate your successes. If you’ve been seeing this journal all over social media, there’s a reason for its popularity. Consider this your cue to acquire one for the year.

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Calendars & planners to help keep you on track

Empower yourself with the right planner, and you can conquer the world. Regardless of your focus this year, these planners will ensure you manage your tasks effectively, allowing you to concentrate on your objectives by organizing your life to suit your needs.

Weekly/Monthly Planner

We recognize that managing work deadlines, appointments, and social engagements can be challenging for women on-the-go, which is why we collaborated with Day Designer to provide you with a Weekly/Monthly Planner. Utilize the weekly layouts, tabbed monthly views, goal-setting worksheets, snap-in bookmark, stickers, and paper storage pocket to make this your most organized year yet.

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Self-Care Planner

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has never been easier. This self-care planner features undated, structured pages to help you schedule your week mindfully, focusing on activities that rejuvenate you and enhance your productivity. Prioritize self-care to optimize your work performance.

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Financial Planner

Featuring insights from a financial expert and sections to set goals, track spending, and establish a budget, this planner provides all the tools you need to manage your finances effectively this year.

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Wayfair | Martha Stewart
Acrylic Wall Calendar

Elevate your office this year with a stylish wall calendar that assists you in managing all aspects of your life. Utilize the dry-erase marker to jot down upcoming commitments, meetings, and appointments, and the notes section for essential reminders.

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