Personally, I am someone who loves fall and winter. I enjoy being cozy in a cabin with a book, a fire, and a warm blanket all year round. However, one thing that I miss during autumn and winter is the presence of vibrant and colorful spring flowers to adorn my home. I take pleasure in having fresh flowers scattered around the house and usually buy a bunch from the grocery store every week. While these grocery store flowers serve their purpose, I must admit that they don’t quite compare to the selection at Trader Joe’s.

Usually, I would opt for a bunch or two of hydrangeas during my Trader Joe’s runs. However, last week, after seeing a TikTok video featuring peony tulips from Trader Joe’s, I was intrigued.


These flowers were less than $10 from Trader Joes and I am one happy girl.

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Excited by what I had seen, I immediately headed to Trader Joe’s to get a couple of bunches for myself. If you’re planning a trip to Trader Joe’s this weekend, be sure to add peony tulips to your shopping list.

What Are Peony Tulips?

Peony tulips have a striking resemblance to peonies, despite not being a peony-tulip hybrid, as indicated by Trader Joe’s. These flowers get their name from their peony-like appearance when fully bloomed because of the multiple layers of petals they possess. Though I typically stick to hydrangeas during my Trader Joe’s visits, the allure of these peony tulips in full bloom around my home was irresistible.

How Mine Turned Out

I purchased two bunches of peony tulips and some waxflower for additional volume, managing to create five full arrangements from the bunch. If you are looking to fill just one or two vases, one bunch of each type is sufficient.

Source: Garri Chaverst

I trimmed the stems at an angle based on the vase’s height and placed them in water. The peony tulips from Trader Joe’s typically arrive mostly closed, so it takes a few days for them to fully bloom. After three days, they were mostly open, with the expectation of further blooming in the following days.

Additionally, I added a penny to the base of each vase, a tip I learned that apparently helps in extending the flowers’ lifespan and maintaining their freshness. Though I’m not an expert, following this method seems effective so far. Unlike my past experiences where tulips would immediately droop, these peony tulips have remained upright and vibrant.

While it would require something extraordinary to surpass my love for hydrangeas as my favorite flowers, I have been captivated by the peony tulips since I brought them home. I find myself checking on them regularly, admiring each bloom, and loving the bright, lively ambiance they bring to every space they grace. It’s safe to say that they are an instant purchase for me as long as Trader Joe’s has them in stock.


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