Remember this: An area rug is more than just an accessory. Rugs can elevate the look of any space and are a must-have in every room. A well-chosen rug can instantly refresh your bedroom, living room, or dining area, tying the decor together seamlessly. If you’ve been holding off on buying a new rug because you believe a beautiful piece will break the bank, think again. Let me introduce you to our editors’ top pick for affordable, stunning, and top-quality rugs: Loloi. Continue reading to discover why we are big fans of Loloi rugs and explore some of our favorite designs.

What Is Loloi?

New to Loloi? Let me give you the lowdown (pun intended). Loloi is a well-known rug brand that offers a wide range of styles, from soft wool pieces to woven jute designs. Many rugs are crafted to have a vintage aesthetic, but they are made using modern materials for extra durability and comfort. Some of their rugs boast a special construction known as CloudPile™, providing an exceptionally plush feel reminiscent of walking on a faux fur blanket.

Loloi has partnered with numerous influential figures and brands such as Amber Lewis, Chris Loves Julia, Joanna Gaines, Rifle Paper Co., and others. Their rugs showcase unique designs at affordable prices, making Loloi a go-to choice for many of our editors when shopping for rugs.

Why We Love Loloi Rugs

They’re Incredibly Affordable

One of the main reasons we adore Loloi rugs is their affordability combined with style. Having lived in various rental spaces throughout my 20s and early 30s, investing in a high-priced rug just doesn’t seem practical when transitioning between different homes. With Loloi rugs, not only do they stand the test of time, but parting with them later on doesn’t induce major stress because you know you’ve received great value for your money.

Available at Various Retailers

While only wholesale customers can buy directly from the Loloi website, these rugs are available at numerous retail outlets. Major online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and The Home Depot carry Loloi rugs, as do boutique home decor shops like Lulu and Georgia and McGee & Co. Keep in mind that product names and prices may vary across retailers. As someone who values convenience, I appreciate that Loloi rugs are often shipped out quickly and come with easy return options.

Vintage Aesthetic without the Fuss

What sets Loloi rugs apart is their ability to provide a distressed, vintage-inspired appearance without the challenges and costs of hunting down an antique rug. Having shopped for genuine vintage rugs before, I know they often come with wear and tear, damaged edges, odors, stains, and a hefty price tag. With Loloi, you can enjoy a brand-new rug that captures the rich colors, timeless patterns, and weathered look of a true vintage piece.

Ready to upgrade your space? Loloi rugs are trendy, budget-friendly, long-lasting, and a favorite among designers—a rare combination indeed! Check out some of our preferred Loloi rugs suitable for any room:


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