We’ve all had summer bucket lists where we promise ourselves a dream vacation, a summer fling, achieving health goals, reading a pile of books, and having a movie-worthy moment with friends. Summer is a time for adventures and carefree fun, and we always start the season with high hopes.

Summer 2023 will be different. Based on the lessons learned in recent years, this summer is about not taking any moment for granted. To fully enjoy the carefree summer we deserve, we’ve curated a list of activities to bring you closer to your friends, help you grow, and make the most of the season. Put on your favorite shorts, apply sunscreen, and get ready to make this summer the best one yet.

1. Host an Outdoor Movie Marathon

Enjoy a perfect summer evening with an outdoor movie marathon featuring your favorite summer films. Whether you love beach movies, high school classics, travel-themed films, or romances, hosting your own backyard movie night with a projector, a sheet, and some popcorn can create memorable experiences.

2. Invest in Quality Summer Sandals

Get a pair of high-quality summer sandals that are both stylish and comfortable for all your summer activities, whether it’s a day at the farmers market or a rooftop hangout. Choose sandals that match your style and suit various occasions.

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3. Start an At-Home Herb Garden

Begin growing your own herbs at home during the ideal gardening season of summer. It’s healthier, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Start with basic herbs like basil, mint, and chives, and enjoy fresh ingredients for your meals.

4. Take Your Workout Outdoors

Embrace the summer weather by moving your workouts outside. Whether it’s HIIT, yoga, hiking, or swimming, take advantage of the longer days and brighter sunlight to energize your fitness routine. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

5. Make Your Own Ice Cream

Try making your own ice cream at home with healthy ingredients or gourmet flavors. DIY ice cream is a fun and delicious way to enjoy the summer season. You can also opt for homemade popsicles as a refreshing treat.

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6. Hike in a National Park

Explore the beauty of nature by hiking in a national park or a local state park. Spending time outdoors can uplift your mood, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing escape.

7. Create a Beach Read Book List

Make a list of books you want to read by the end of summer. Whether it’s beach reads, vacation-themed books, or thrilling novels, having a reading list can keep you entertained and motivated to dive into the stories.

8. Go on a Summery Date

Enjoy the warmer weather by going on creative summer dates, whether it’s a beach walk, a picnic, or an outdoor movie night. Make the most of the season by exploring new date ideas with your partner or friends.

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9. Refresh Your Home for Summer

Organize and declutter your living space, update your decor with summer-inspired elements, and make small changes to create a brighter atmosphere. From adding fresh flowers to trying out citrus scents, summer cleaning can enhance your home environment.

10. Take a Day Off

Use your vacation days to take a break from work and enjoy activities that bring you joy, whether it’s a road trip with friends, a relaxing day outdoors, or exploring new places in your city. Make the most of your time off during the summer season.

11. Mix Your Favorite Summer Cocktail

Experiment with creating your favorite summer cocktails at home using fresh ingredients and unique recipes. Hosting cocktail nights with friends can be a fun way to socialize and try new drink combinations.

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12. Discover No-Heat Hairstyles

Protect your hair from summer damage by trying out no-heat hairstyles like beachy waves, textured updos, or braids. Embrace effortless hairstyles that are both fashionable and gentle on your hair.

13. Plan a Day Trip

Embark on a spontaneous day trip with friends or solo, exploring new areas and enjoying the journey. Road trips, city tours, or scenic drives can add excitement to your summer adventures.

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14. Unplug for a Weekend

Experience the joys of summer by disconnecting from technology for a weekend. Spend time outdoors, read a book, or engage in activities without digital distractions to fully immerse yourself in the season.

15. Find Your Confidence-Boosting Swimsuit

Explore swimsuit options that make you feel confident and comfortable during beach days or pool outings. Discovering the right swimsuit can elevate your summer experience and make you feel fabulous.

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