Job searching and crafting resumes can be daunting tasks for many, but successful women have figured out the key elements to include on their resumes. Let’s delve into what sets them apart and helps them land their dream jobs with ease.

Let’s explore the universal traits that successful women incorporate into their resumes, as shared by experts.

Meet the expert
Victoria Coffee
MBA and Product Strategist at BabyQuip
Victoria Coffee is dedicated to product management and analytics, leveraging her extensive experience with renowned companies like Dyson, U.S Bank, and Kroger to enhance customer satisfaction at BabyQuip.
Meet the expert
Gwendolyn (Wendy) Bounds
Content and Brand Strategist, Journalist, and Global Head of Content at SmartNews
Gwendolyn Bounds, a distinguished journalist and brand strategist, brings expertise from her roles at major media entities like The Wall Street Journal and ABC News to her current position at SmartNews.

1. They have a compelling story

Successful women go beyond listing job duties on their resumes. They showcase their unique value through specific accomplishments and metrics, painting a vivid picture of their career journey and potential contributions to future roles.

An example shared by Coffee is moving from generic statements like ‘optimized processes’ to specific achievements such as “Shortened sales reporting processes by 50% through real-time data integration.”

2. They tailor their resumes to the job

Adapting their resumes to highlight skills relevant to the specific role is crucial for successful women. By customizing a core template to suit each job application, they ensure their resume speaks directly to the requirements of the position.

3. They showcase personal interests

Successful women emphasize work-life balance by including a section on personal interests. This not only provides hiring managers with insights into their outside pursuits but also highlights their well-rounded personality and potential for valuable perspectives in the workplace.

4. They prioritize clean design

A clean and modern resume design is a hallmark of successful women. By presenting information clearly with appropriate formatting, such as bullet points and bold text, they ensure that their qualifications shine through without distractions.

5. They craft an executive summary

In addition to detailing their work history and skills, successful women create an impactful executive summary that reflects their personal brand. By positioning themselves effectively at the beginning of the resume, they leave a lasting impression on employers.

6. They use strategic language

Successful women employ language that aligns with job descriptions and industry trends on their resumes. By incorporating relevant keywords, action verbs, and addressing any career gaps transparently, they demonstrate their awareness and adaptability to current industry demands.

7. They embody authenticity

Above all, successful women maintain authenticity in their resumes, showcasing their strengths and accomplishments genuinely. This sincerity builds trust with hiring managers and sets them apart as confident professionals who stand by their achievements.

By staying true to themselves and incorporating these strategies into their resumes, successful women consistently secure job opportunities that align with their aspirations and capabilities.


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