Lunch can be a challenging meal to plan, especially if you have a busy schedule. Making nutritious and satisfying meals ahead of time can save you from last-minute stress and unhealthy fast food options. By meal prepping your lunches, you not only make your week smoother but also save money and support your well-being.

Here are 28 lunch ideas for meal prep that you can easily prepare on a lazy Sunday for a productive week ahead. From protein-rich dishes to vegetarian options, you’ll find a variety of recipes to kickstart your meal prepping journey!

1. Garlic Parmesan Kale Pasta Meal Prep

This flavorful chicken meal prep recipe is complemented by garlicky kale and blistered tomatoes over pasta, creating a satisfying and balanced meal.

2. Herby Chicken Meatball Bowl

Featuring savory chicken meatballs, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and a tangy dressing, this dish is both light and nutritious, perfect for a quick and easy meal prep.

3. Greek Chicken Stuffed Pitas

Elevate your lunch with these Greek chicken stuffed pitas, a delightful twist on the traditional sandwich. It’s a must-try dish for a flavorful lunch option.


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