I have always been someone who seeks out the magic in life – those moments that glisten and radiate with the simple beauty that surrounds us. I am a romantic deep down, always on the lookout for the beauty that exists in everyday life. To clarify, this viewpoint is not about toxic positivity. Instead, it is about being observant. Romanticizing your life, although it has become a trend on social media, is primarily about finding joy, love, and peace within yourself. It involves not only structuring your days and routines, but also shaping your outlook on the world so that you are always encountering beauty. And what better time to start embracing this than in the spring?

As we leave the colder weather behind, it’s time to embrace the color, warmth, and liveliness that come with the shift from winter to spring. I have compiled 50 of my favorite ways to infuse romance into your life this season. Keep reading to discover how you can make the most of spring and start absorbing the vitality of each day.

1. Create a “morning moment.” Enhance your morning wake-up routine. Prepare your favorite beverage, light a candle, and spend five minutes with a new book. It beats rushing out the door, right?

2. Design your ideal morning routine. Take inspiration from others or create one that suits you. What activities would bring you joy before starting your day? Actually do those, instead of following a routine you feel you should have.

3. Transition your wardrobe for spring. This change not only marks a new season but also serves as a way to add romance to your life. Think: Lighter fabrics, brighter colors, and high-quality materials like linen, cotton, and denim. Whether you prefer a coastal grandma style or Nancy Meyers-chic, dressing for spring can feel simultaneously comfortable, chic, and romantic.

4. Update your vision board. While some people create yearly vision boards, I prefer to adjust mine with the seasons. Since you probably set resolutions at the beginning of the year and may have forgotten about them, now is the time to refocus on your intentions. Go the traditional route with magazine clippings or find inspiration on Pinterest and create a digital version on Canva. 

5. Start a joy jar. Each week, write down a positive experience from the last seven days on a slip of paper. Place it in a jar, and at the end of the season, read through them and reflect on the joys the season brought.

6. Dedicate quality time to yourself. Whether you call it dating yourself, embracing main character energy, or simply spending a day getting to know yourself better, set aside a weekend morning, a random afternoon, or a whole day for self-discovery. Enjoy a coffee by yourself, treat yourself to dinner, or plan a day of your favorite activities. Remember, you can pamper yourself.

7. Treat yourself to flowers. Don’t wait for someone else to gift you your favorite flowers. Head to the store, pick up a couple of bouquets, and create your floral arrangement. After all, you know your preferences best.

8. Start an herb garden. Numerous online tools and resources can assist you in getting started. You can customize the size of your garden based on your space. (And let’s not forget the joy of garnishing pizzas and pasta with fresh, homegrown herbs.)

9. Write letters. Whenever I use my favorite stationery to write love notes or words of gratitude to friends and family, I feel like I’m part of a period drama. And that, coming from a Bridgerton fan, is never a bad thing.

10. Use your special items. Uncork that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, use the china inherited from your grandmother, or wear that special dress. Don’t wait for the perfect moment – that moment is now.

11. Opt for inspiring tech backgrounds. You know the ones.

12. Set the ambiance for a dinner on a random weeknight. Dim the lights, play your favorite music playlist, and prepare a meal just for yourself

13. Disconnect. Take a break from social media, emails, and your phone altogether. Allocate an hour each day or a full day each week without technology.

14. Go for a drive without a destination in mind. Isn’t ‘taking a drive’ a therapeutic activity? I’ve found that I can clear my mind by getting in the car and hitting the road aimlessly.

15. Upgrade your loungewear. Do you usually sleep in your old high school soccer shirt? Invest in comfortable sleepwear. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can make a difference.

16. Prioritize self-connection. Before reaching for your phone or engaging with anyone in the morning, take a moment for yourself. Whether it’s journaling, meditating, or simply sitting quietly for a few minutes, prioritize your peace.

17. Revamp your intimate life for spring. Discard routines that feel monotonous or uninspiring, and introduce new elements that focus on your pleasure. Let these exciting positions work their magic.

18. Explore astrology, human design, or other practices that resonate with you. These disciplines can serve as a motivational reminder that external forces support our journey.

19. Engage in our cleanse-your-life challenge. While initially set for the full month of March, you can begin at any time. The goal is to let go of what no longer serves you and welcome in what does.

20. Shop for a meal at a small specialized grocery store. There’s something delightful about discovering foreign grocery stores. You can recreate that experience by shopping at a specialty grocer nearby. Plan a meal around your finds – it could be simple, like good bread, butter, and wine to complement it.

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21. Arrange your nightstand thoughtfully. It’s not a place for clutter. To avoid waking up to chaos, keep it simple: a book, flowers, a lamp, and a glass of water. Notice the absence of “phone.”

22. Transform your junk drawer into a wellness drawer. I did this a few months ago, and it made a significant difference. Clear out the clutter and stock it with your go-to wellness essentials: supplements, affirmation cards, your journal, etc. Trust me, it will spark more joy.

23. Embrace your coffee or tea preferences. Know what you enjoy and indulge in it. Whether you prefer a French press, pour-over coffee, or black tea over green tea, explore various options and connect with your favorite beverage.

24. Update all your travel documents. Preparedness is essential for those planning a European getaway in spring or summer. Avoid the last-minute realization that your passport has expired.

25. Turn your 3 p.m. snack into teatime: enjoy a quick cucumber sandwich or a delightful assortment of veggies instead of reaching for a bag of chips. And may I suggest canned fish? *Cue surprise* If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend pairing it with a baguette or seeded crackers, accompanied by a glass of rosé.

26. Embrace your pleasure—every day if you wish.

27. Infuse your water with flavor. Experiment with citrus slices, cucumbers, lemon, mint, strawberries, and more. If you’re striving to drink more water this year, make it a spa-like experience.

28. Clear out unused apps and subscriptions on your phone. This small action can greatly enhance your phone experience.

29. Purchase a new plant. Adding some greenery to your space is a great way to welcome spring.

30. Practice positive self-talk. Jot down some affirmations or select from a list to get started. Repeat your favorites in front of a mirror until they feel genuine and resonate with you. It may take time, but it’s a worthwhile practice.

31. Find a physical activity that resonates with you. You don’t have to hit the gym if you dislike it. As the weather warms up, consider revamping your exercise routine with a brisk walk, a frisbee game in the park, or try a gentle workout. Let go of viewing exercise as a punishment.

32. Eliminate multitasking. In the year 2024 and beyond, focus on completing tasks one at a time. True joy comes from entering a state of flow rather than attempting to multitask.

33. Utilize your lunch break. Instead of hurriedly eating lunch while checking emails, disconnect. Step away from your computer, leave your phone behind, and spend your break as you please – take a walk, have a chat with a colleague, or enjoy some quiet time. It’s your time, use it as you wish.

34. Discover your signature scent. Experiment with different perfumes until you find the one that makes you feel great. It may require some trial and error, but finding a fragrance that suits you is worthwhile.

35. Look for heart shapes in daily life. This practice has transformed how I perceive the world. Keep an eye out for heart shapes during your day – be it in children’s drawings on windows or chalk art on the streets. Watch as your perspective undergoes a profound shift.

36. Reconnect with activities you enjoyed as a child. Pursue activities that bring you joy and connect with your inner child.

37. Soak in sunlight first thing in the morning. It’s a potent way to regulate your circadian rhythm and maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day.

38. Create a playlist that boosts your mood. Compile a collection of your favorite songs to set the tone. Yes, throw in some early 2000s classics.

39. Engage in creative endeavors for yourself. I’ve found more joy in social media by creating Reels that serve as a personal scrapbook. I make them for myself, documenting moments and memories that I look forward to reminiscing upon. This new approach has made me appreciate Instagram in a different light.

40. Establish an after-work routine. Develop a routine that helps you transition from work to me time. Whether it involves changing into comfortable clothes, lighting a candle, or playing your favorite music, make it your own. Whether you choose to read or watch The Bachelor, make it an activity that brings you joy.


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