X has rolled out its video call feature, available exclusively to paying subscribers.
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Have you ever wished you could engage in a face-to-face conversation with that Twitter troll? Well, now you can, for a small fee of $8 per month to Elon Musk.

Formerly known as Twitter, X has just introduced its video call feature, catching the attention of users on Wednesday evening.

Musk, the platform’s owner, and X CEO Linda Yaccarino both announced the launch. Yaccarino even shared a screenshot demonstrating the call feature in action.

The video call capability is exclusively available to users subscribed to X Premium, a $8 per month service (previously Twitter Blue). Subscribers can initiate calls with any X user who has previously sent them a direct message. Notably, the recipient of a video call does not need to be a premium subscriber. Users can find call management options in the Direct Message settings page.

How to Make a Call on Twitter / X

X Premium subscribers can initiate calls by going to their direct message inbox, selecting a conversation, tapping the phone icon, and choosing between an audio or video call. Ensure you have the latest X app version installed. Currently, the feature is only accessible for iOS users, with an Android release in the pipeline.

It’s uncertain if this addition will significantly impact X’s struggling paid subscription service. Given previous feature updates such as monetization, its effect on new subscriptions may be limited.

As with any new feature, expect beta-related issues. Musk has highlighted that the feature is currently in beta, so it’s best to anticipate a few bugs.

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