Back in my college days, I dreaded the ice-breaker question of sharing a fun fact about yourself in early morning classes. Fast forward to my corporate events internship post-graduation, where I embarked on work-related travels. This experience led me to share stories of living out of a suitcase for six months and exploring remarkable destinations during my off-duty hours. From trekking on a glacier in Banff National Park to singing my heart out at a vineyard in Sonoma Wine Country, my travels opened up a new world for me.

Throughout this time, I learned valuable travel tips that have made my journeys smoother. Here are some secret travel hacks that will enhance your travel experience:

1. Opt for AutoCamp for a Luxurious Camping Experience

Imagine arriving at a remote campsite after a tiring day of hiking, only to realize you forgot your toiletries at home. This experience prompted me to switch from roughing it out to trying glamping. AutoCamp provides a glamping experience with the comfort and amenities of a boutique hotel. With multiple locations in the US, including Zion and The Catskills, AutoCamp offers luxury Airstream stays at a competitive price. Use code EVERYGIRL for a 20% discount on any AutoCamp property.

2. Access Airport Lounges with Priority Pass Membership

Upgrade your travel experience by becoming a Priority Pass member to access airport lounges. Say goodbye to crowded gates and limited charging spots as you enjoy complimentary food, drinks, and a peaceful atmosphere during layovers. With plans starting as low as $8.25 per month, the membership offers a relaxing way to wait for your next flight.

3. Order Airport Food Easily with Grab

Skip the hassle of waiting in long lines for airport food by using the Grab app. Browse and order food and beverages conveniently, knowing exactly when your order will be ready. Say goodbye to rushed meals and enjoy a stress-free dining experience before boarding your flight.

4. Stay Hydrated Longer with Electrolyte Packets

Stay hydrated during your travels without frequent restroom visits by using LMNT electrolyte packets. These packets enhance hydration levels and come in various flavors, making it easy to enjoy a refreshing drink on the go.

5. Pack Extra Shoes Efficiently with Shower Caps

Maximize your suitcase space by packing extra shoes with the help of shower caps. Protect your clothes from dirt and scuffs by covering the bottoms of your shoes with shower caps or Ziploc bags. This simple hack ensures your outfits stay clean and your shoe options remain diverse.

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This article includes a sponsored mention of AutoCamp, but all opinions expressed are from The Everygirl editorial team.


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