March is the time for spring cleaning: when you switch the pillows, turn over the mattress, and thoroughly clean your shower. It’s that wonderful time of the year to review what needs to be removed and reorganize what should stay. However, this challenge is not only about tidying up your house; it’s about rejuvenating your life. “Detox” and “cleanse” are trendy terms commonly linked to diets, but we aim to redefine those words to focus less on juicing and more on their original meanings: eliminating anything not beneficial to you and replacing it with alternatives that promote your well-being.

Cleansing your life involves purging the habits, routines, and clutter that hinder your well-being; it’s equally important to replenish with things that bring you joy, health, and fulfillment. The goal of this cleanse is to understand how your daily routines and surroundings influence you, so you can create space for your optimal life. Throughout March, each day you’ll be encouraged to simplify, cleanse, de-stress, and declutter your home, finances, mind, body, and soul, bringing you closer to your happiest self by summer. Happy spring cleaning!

The Everygirl’s 31-Day “Spring-Clean Your Life” Challenge

Week 1

1. Simplify your diet by choosing whole foods
2. Review your finances: Remove expenses that don’t bring joy and budget for those that do
3. Swap out any exercise you don’t enjoy for activities you anticipate
4. Rearrange your pantry: Discard expired items and use storage containers for easier access (and eco-friendly living)
5. Identify emotions and jot down ones that aren’t beneficial (without judgment)
6. Scrub your shower while you’re in it
7. Purify your mind: Refrain from complaining all day

Week 2

8. Review recurring charges on your bank statements and cancel unnecessary ones
9. Cleanse your social media by unfollowing accounts that don’t inspire or uplift you
10. Declutter your closet and donate clothes that no longer bring you joy
11. Establish a consistent sleep schedule by waking up and going to bed at similar times daily
12. Plan how to handle negative emotions like stress, loneliness, or anger
13. Organize your miscellaneous drawer at last
14. Prepare your lunches for the upcoming week

Week 3

15. Try journaling to release lingering thoughts
16. Clear out contacts, files on your computer, and unnecessary phone photos
17. Make your bed first thing each morning
18. Cleanse your relationships: Evaluate who deserves more attention and who deserves less
19. Reduce evening light exposure for better sleep
20. Break a sweat, whether through a workout or a hot shower
21. Thoroughly clean one room in your home

Week 4

22. Rethink your schedule to include activities that bring you joy or calmness
23. Clear out your skincare and makeup, replacing expired items with non-toxic options
24. Designate a tech-free area in your home
25. Add air-purifying indoor plants to your space
26. Establish a daily outfit choice to streamline morning decisions
27. Monitor your water intake to stay hydrated
28. Practice forgiveness towards those you haven’t forgiven yet, including yourself

Week 5

29. List your top 10 stress triggers and devise solutions for each
30. Detox your habits: Replace unproductive ones with beneficial ones
31. Choose to forgive someone – a family member, friend, or yourself – and release any lingering resentment or stress


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