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TikTok has popularized the concept of car dates to a significant extent, with Mashable even delving into the intricacies of having intimate relations in a vehicle. However, a new trend coined “hamstering” takes this to the next level.

“Hamstering,” also known as the “thirsty hamster” on TikTok, refers to a sexual activity where one partner positions themselves with a penis atop a car equipped with a sunroof, while the other partner inside the car engages in oral sex through the open roof. The term draws parallels to a hamster sipping water from a spout commonly found in hamster enclosures.


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While some TikTokers express curiosity about this maneuver, others jest about ensuring the “coast is clear” before attempting it and teaching their partners how to participate. But is hamstering a legitimate practice?

Author of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto and collaborator on Fun Factory dildos, Zachary Zane, questions whether this activity existed prior to its emergence on TikTok. Zane shared with Mashable, “I was not aware of this position until recently, but I’m sure there are a few individuals who are very sexually adventurous trying it out to see if it’s feasible.”

Zane added that hamstering is theoretically possible, contingent on factors such as height, weight, and the strength of the person receiving oral sex. Those interested in experimenting with it need to consider their weight distribution and whether they can sustain the position on top of the car for an extended period.

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“These individuals are likely exploring it not solely for pleasure,” Zane remarked, “but more as a statement that they have engaged in such an act.”


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Sex experts and hosts of the Shameless Sex podcast, Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, deliberated on whether hamstering could genuinely be enjoyable. They shared with Mashable, “The individual providing oral sex may need to contort their body and neck in uncomfortable ways that are not sustainable for prolonged periods, potentially necessitating breaks before reaching climax.”

“That being said, the essence of sex is enjoyment,” they further explained, “so even if achieving orgasm in this position proves challenging, engaging in it momentarily could offer a sense of novelty, adventure, and playful exploration.”

Baldwin and Lampert suggested that while hamstering may just be a trend, individuals who find innovative ways to make it comfortable could potentially integrate it into their sexual repertoire.

And if one does decide to experiment with hamstering, Zane emphasized, “for safety reasons, ensure the car is parked.”


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