For help with those long, dense PDFs that look like gibberish.
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Dealing with long, complex PDFs can be a challenge. However, Adobe has now introduced an AI Assistant to assist you.

Recently, Adobe launched AI Assistant for PDF interaction. This new AI tool, currently in beta, features a chatbot interface that lets users ask questions about and create summaries of the document.

AI Assistant also offers citations and clickable links, making it simple for users to locate referenced text. It is accessible on Adobe Reader, the company’s PDF viewer, and Acrobat, its software for PDF creation and editing.

Adobe AI Assistant providing an AI generated summary of a PDF
This is an AI assistant we can get on board with.
Credit: Adobe

Adobe’s innovative generative AI strategies

As the creator of PDFs, Adobe has been delving into AI tools within its image and design software. About a year ago, it introduced Adobe Firefly, a generative AI tool that enables users to manipulate images based on Adobe’s commercial stock library. Now, Adobe is leveraging its Firefly models to enhance text comprehension.

Adobe also has plans to incorporate more generative AI functionalities, such as extracting pertinent information and insights from multiple documents, formatting and editing documents, and facilitating feedback compilation and analysis within documents. The announcement specifies that third-party LLMs are prohibited from training on customer data.

For existing Reader and Acrobat customers, this is excellent news as the beta version is free for trial. However, once AI Assistant transitions out of beta, it will require a subscription add-on.

Adobe has not disclosed the additional cost implications. AI Assistant for Acrobat’s Standard and Pro versions for individual and team accounts is presently available, with Adobe Reader receiving it in the upcoming weeks.

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