Discover what the Rabbit R1 can do with audio.

The Rabbit R1, a palm-sized AI assistant, made waves in the world of technology when it was showcased at CES 2024. With its unique retro appearance, vibrant orange casing, advanced AI capabilities, and compact design, the Rabbit R1 quickly sold out of its initial 10,000 units in just a single day.

It’s evident that there is a significant interest in this portable companion. Notably, as highlighted by The Verge, the Rabbit R1 can handle tasks such as grocery shopping, music control, sending text messages, and more. By simply speaking your commands, you can expect your desires to be fulfilled—at least in theory.

To shed more light on the Rabbit R1, Jesse Lyu, the CEO and mastermind behind Rabbit, provided a demonstration showcasing how this quirky pocket device manages audio processing.


What sets the Rabbit R1 AI Assistant apart and why it has captured everyone’s attention?

How does Rabbit R1 handle audio?

Recently, Lyu shared a demonstration on X highlighting the Rabbit R1’s note-taking capabilities.

Lyu instructed, “Initiate a note taking session.” Subsequently, on the Rabbit R1’s 2.88-inch display, a visualization of rotating cassette spindles appeared, signifying its “listening” mode.

After playing an audio snippet for a few moments, Lyu pressed a physical button on the device to cease recording. Confirming the capture of the audio, the Rabbit R1 announces, “Your session has been saved to the rabbit hole.”

Switching to what appears to be a Rabbit R1 companion application on his laptop, Lyu showcased that the AI assistant generated a brief summary based on the audio input. Additionally, there is an option labeled “Transcript,” likely enabling users to obtain a written transcription of the audio piece. Moreover, the audio content can be accessed via cloud storage, enabling easy sharing across various platforms.

Lyu acknowledged that further refinements are underway but expressed that the current experience is both “intuitive and functional.” He teased, “Stay tuned for more,” hinting at upcoming updates for the Rabbit R1.

The Rabbit R1 is priced at $199 and is presently open for pre-orders.

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