As the energy of the “new school year” kicks in and the leaves start to fall, fall becomes a great time to look inward and reassess your goals for the remainder of the year. During this period of transition, it’s important to identify and let go of anything that no longer serves you, whether that be negative thoughts, an unfulfilling job, or a relationship that no longer aligns with your growth. To help navigate through the changes that come with the season, we’ve compiled a list of empowering affirmations that are perfect for this time of year. Take a look at these affirmations and choose one or a few that resonate with you, repeating them daily to reinforce positive thinking.

1. I release what no longer serves me.

2. Abundance is all around me.

3. I am grateful for the life I have.

4. I choose to prioritize rest.

5. I let go of negativity.

6. I spread positivity to others.

7. Gratitude fills my present moment.

8. Each day brings new opportunities for growth.

9. I appreciate the lessons learned from obstacles.

10. I welcome the change that new seasons bring.

11. The shift in colors and temperatures brings fresh perspectives.

12. This season is a time for personal transformation.

13. I am healthy, radiant, and thankful.

14. I deserve to manifest my desires.

15. I surround myself with uplifting individuals.

16. Grateful for my past, present, and the path to the future.

17. I believe in my success and embrace it wholeheartedly.

18. Infinite possibilities await me.

19. I release negative thoughts and embrace love and positivity.

20. I possess all that I need within me.

21. I cherish the people who make me feel at home.

22. Confidence and trust define my actions.

23. I am stepping into my true self.

24. Doubts no longer hold me back from my aspirations.

25. I am open to the enchantment of continuous improvement.

26. I am mastering the art of letting go.

27. Embracing change with grace this season.

28. I appreciate the beauty of the present moment.

29. Seeking contentment over perfection.

30. Thankful for the positive transformations within and around me.


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