Every week, I’m reminded of the excessive time I spend glued to my phone, surpassing the hours I put into my job. While some of this time is productive like handling emails or keeping up with workouts, a large portion is wasted on mindless social media scrolling.

This phone addiction interferes with quality time with my boyfriend, so I sought guidance from Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, a relationship scientist and UScellular partner, to enhance our relationship by implementing some phone rules.

5 Tips for Refreshing Your Relationship With Your Phone (& Your Partner)

Reflect on your phone usage

As avid workers, my partner and I spend significant time on our phones. Dr. Cohen advises reflecting on our phone habits to bridge the gap between our current state and desired relationship. Understanding our screen time and purposeful usage helps in making necessary changes.

Determine your personal goals and keep each other accountable

We both recognized the need to reduce phone use for various reasons. Sharing goals and supporting each other, even with differing objectives, helps in being more mindful. It also aids in holding each other responsible for the set goals.

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Have a discussion about phone and social media use

Evaluating phone and social media habits through open conversations reveals insights and aids in understanding each other’s perspectives. Discussing concerns and positives related to phone usage fosters mutual understanding and setting boundaries.

Create a signal to indicate the need for quality time

Establishing non-verbal cues to express the desire for undivided attention without making the other person uncomfortable helps in seeking quality time together. Simple gestures like snuggling up or reaching out physically can signify the need for attention.

Remove the temptation

To curb impulsive phone use, Dr. Cohen suggests removing phones from immediate reach. By avoiding distractions and engaging in activities without phones, such as outdoor walks, couples can focus on meaningful interactions.

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How These Phone Rules Affected My Relationship

Implementing these phone rules didn’t drastically change our relationship dynamics, but it did bring valuable insights. Discussing and understanding each other’s goals and needs in terms of phone use created a fresh perspective. We became more aware that quality time together surpasses the significance of phone interactions, leading us to cherish uninterrupted moments of connection.


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