Being someone who embraces wellness, I am quite familiar with the concept of meditation. Despite reading numerous books, listening to podcasts, and attempting meditation multiple times, I always struggled to focus; my mind never seemed to quiet down. This led me to believe that perhaps meditation wasn’t suitable for me.

However, I discovered that affirmations worked well for me. They are easy to remember, do not necessarily require a quiet environment, and can be recited anywhere at any time. Delighted by the effectiveness of affirmations, I pondered the idea of combining them with meditation. This is where the Superhuman app comes into play. Influenced by my favorite personalities and wellness enthusiasts espousing its virtues, I decided to give it a shot. Read on to delve into the Superhuman app and my journey of integrating it into my wellness routine.

What is Superhuman?

If you are a listener of The Everygirl Podcast, you might recognize Mimi Bouchard, the CEO and creator of Superhuman. It is a meditation app that offers a plethora of audio recordings. Bouchard’s own transformative experiences with manifestation motivated her to develop the app, aiming to equip others with the tools to unlock their full potential. Unlike traditional meditation that demands a quiet setting and ample time for focusing on breathing or affirmations, Superhuman takes a different approach. It provides meditations and affirmations that can be incorporated into daily activities like grooming, running errands, or cooking. Essentially, it blends meditation with multitasking to rewire the brain for success and positive thinking. Superhuman’s promise is to “complement your busy life, rather than interrupt it.” Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

The app offers a diverse range of topics such as motivational talks, stress relief, relaxation for better sleep, and manifestation techniques to envision your future self. Users can select meditations based on the time of day, or opt for frequency music if they prefer non-verbal meditation. In essence, Superhuman caters to a wide audience.

My experience using the app

Given my prior unsuccessful attempts at meditation, I was initially hesitant about the Superhuman app delivering any different outcomes. Seeking to alleviate stress and enhance my manifestation practice, I decided to try it during activities like walking, cooking, or commuting instead of listening to my usual true crime podcasts.

Initially, it felt awkward to engage in mundane tasks while a calming voice guided me on reframing my thoughts. However, I swiftly acclimatized to the routine. Surprisingly, I began to prefer listening to meditations over music or podcasts, integrating them into my daily life effortlessly.

After a week or two, meditations became a staple in my routine. I relished the morning motivation sessions to start my day positively before stepping out. I also turned to them for instant relief during stressful moments or to uplift my mood when feeling low. The impact was evident in my overall mood and mindset, fostering a sense of happiness, reduced stress, and heightened energy levels through positive thinking. The future-self and manifestation-focused audios enabled me to tap into a more confident persona swiftly, significantly improving my performance before important meetings or workouts.

The verdict

After a month of integrating the Superhuman app into my wellness regimen, I can confidently attest to becoming a meditation enthusiast for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the guided nature of Superhuman’s meditations alleviates the pressure of executing meditation “perfectly.” In the past, focusing on my breath and attempting to banish thoughts would stress me out. With Superhuman, I could channel my focus onto the soothing voice and the conveyed message. If my mind wandered, I could effortlessly realign my attention to the meditation, a feat challenging with conventional methods.

I also appreciated the varied durations of meditations available on the app. Whether I needed a quick two-minute reset during the day or indulged in longer morning meditations, both options catered to my needs. Short sessions were ideal for instant mood uplifts, while longer ones accompanied me on leisurely walks or extended car rides.

Despite my initial skepticism, the meditations and affirmations on the app transformed my mindset, enhancing my overall mood. I look forward to incorporating Superhuman’s meditations into other facets of my daily routines and leveraging them to continue manifesting my best life.


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