Labyrinth – Another Feat for AI Dominance
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AI’s prowess extends beyond intellectual games like chess, as it now conquers physical challenges. The traditional wooden Labyrinth game—known for its difficulty—has proven no match for AI.

According to The Next Web, researchers at ETH Zurich have created an AI robot, “CyberRunner,” that shattered the world record for the Labyrinth game previously held by Lars-Goran Danielsson. The robot completed the game in a mind-blowing 14.48 seconds, outshining Danielsson’s record of 15.41 seconds.

Chess-playing robot not above breaking a child’s finger for the big win

CyberRunner achieved this milestone by emulating human learning processes. It is equipped with motors, or “hands,” controlling the board’s tilt and a camera serving as its “eyes” to observe and learn. Through gameplay, CyberRunner learns from experience, or as we humans call it, “practice.”

As stated on the research website, “The model-based reinforcement learning algorithm enables the system to understand the game, recognizing which strategies and behaviors offer more potential.” Remarkably, after just six hours of learning, CyberRunner surpassed the human world record.

The lead researchers, Thomas Bi and Raffaello D’Andrea, plan to make the robot’s hardware and software open-source, enabling others to conduct their own AI experiments. They encourage researchers to use this breakthrough as a starting point for their investigations, providing a cost-effective means for others to develop their own products using AI models.

For a glimpse of CyberRunner showcasing its Labyrinth mastery, watch the video below.

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