Connect to an Alexa-enabled device to control your smart home’s heating and cooling.
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SAVE $50: Currently, you can purchase a refurbished Amazon smart thermostat for only $29.99 at Woot, which is a 62% discount from its original price of $79.99.

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Amazon Smart Thermostat (Refurbished)

$29.99 at Woot! (save $50 off the new model price)

As the weather gets colder every day and winter approaches, consider enhancing your smart home capabilities by controlling your home’s heating and cooling using a smart thermostat. This allows you to adjust temperatures from your phone, create schedules, and manage your air conditioning, all without having to physically interact with your thermostat. The best part? You can snag one now at an amazing price.

As of Oct. 18, you’ll find a refurbished Amazon smart thermostat available for just $29.99 at Woot, saving you $50 or 62% off the new model’s price at Amazon. While this isn’t a brand new unit, it has been thoroughly tested and verified by Amazon to be in good working condition, despite potential cosmetic damage. However, please note that this thermostat doesn’t include the C-wire, which some homes may require for setup completion. It’s crafted to function without the wire for most users, but if you need one, you might consider opting for a unit that comes with it included.

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Kindly note that you will need an Alexa-enabled device for the Amazon smart thermostat to function properly. Once connected to an Echo Show, Dot, or your preferred device, you can instruct Alexa to manage your home’s climate. Have Alexa remotely adjust the thermostat or take control using the connected app yourself.

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When the cold sets in and your floors feel freezing, you’ll truly appreciate being able to manage all these elements without leaving the comfort of your warm cocoon.

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