Are you missing your girls as much as we are? With summer activities, weddings, and taking well-deserved breaks keeping us busy, it’s easy to go without spending quality time with our closest friends for months. Fortunately, fall brings endless opportunities for reconnecting and unwinding. As the summer adventures wind down, it’s the perfect time to gather, catch up, and share all the amazing stories you’ve gathered over the past few months. While the weather might tempt us to cozy up indoors with a book, it also creates the perfect setting for catching up and gossiping over apple cider mimosas.

Whether you’re looking to make new friends and try fun fall activities or reuniting with old friends after a summer apart, it’s essential to pencil in a fall girls’ day in your calendar. Here are seven ideas to share with your group chat ASAP because fall is all about the girls.

1. Experience Apple Picking Together

While apple picking is often mentioned as a romantic date idea, it’s even more fun with a big group of friends. Gather your squad, head to the nearest apple orchard, and spend the day picking apples. For an added bonus, choose an orchard that makes its own cider, creating the perfect setting to enjoy the sunset with a cup of cider. If one of your friends is a skilled baker, you can even turn your apple-picking haul into a delicious pie or crumble. Though a bit of effort is required, this activity is worth adding to your fall bucket list annually.

2. Explore the Local Farmers’ Market

You don’t have to travel far to find fantastic fresh fall produce. Some of the best memories with friends are made by strolling through the local farmer’s market. Even just grabbing a coffee and browsing through the vendors can provide a perfect opportunity to chat and enjoy fall activities. Stock up on delicious fall produce like apples, gourds, and squashes while supporting local farmers.

3. Host a Fall-Themed Dinner Party

Dinner parties have been a huge trend in recent years, and for a good reason. Planning and enjoying a delicious meal with your best friends is the ultimate in Pinterest-worthy fun. Whether you take charge of hosting the dinner or cook together with your friends, gathering over a great fall recipe is a must each autumn. Whip up some seasonal dishes and create unforgettable memories with your friends.

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4. Go Thrifting or Antiquing

Thrifting or antiquing becomes more enjoyable in the fall season. Explore new thrift stores, antique shops, or flea markets with your friends for a day of treasure hunting. Having friends around can help you decide on the best finds and prevent impulsive purchases. These spots are also great for discovering unique autumnal decor, giving you a sustainable alternative to traditional home stores.

5. Visit a Used Bookstore

Fall is the perfect time to visit a used bookstore with a bookish friend. Browsing through the shelves and finding hidden gems can be a rewarding experience. Grab your friends, pick out some books, and share your reading discoveries with each other. It’s a great way to spend a cozy fall day together.

6. Enjoy a Scary Movie in Theaters

For a casual hangout with friends, consider seeing a scary movie in theaters during the fall season. Embrace the Halloween vibe by stocking up on movie theater snacks and getting ready for some scares. Fall days are ideal for movie nights, and watching a horror film with your friends can amp up the seasonal spirit.

7. Capture Fall Moments with Photos

Don’t hesitate to take fun pictures with your friends among the changing leaves this fall. Revel in the season’s beauty and create lasting memories with your favorite people. Embrace the best season of the year by snapping photos in your cozy fall outfits with your closest friends.


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