Curious about what an “abundance coach” does? I sat down with one to get the details, and her insights might just hold the key to a real change in your life. Here’s the deal: Every January, we all declare, “This will be my year,” as if flipping the calendar will magically bring us better habits, a more fulfilling career, or the perfect relationship. Yet, as the year progresses, not much changes, and we find ourselves promising that the next year will be the one to transform our lives. We may be evolving and developing, but most of us never quite reach our full potential or achieve our dream lives as we hope to on January 1. Tired of the futile cycle of New Year’s resolutions, I turned to Jocelyn Kelly Reid, an intuitive abundance coach and expert in feminine energy healing, to learn how to make this year truly different from any before.

Reid specializes in harnessing energy to attract abundance and manifest success, offering a strategy far from the typical goal-setting of “Get a promotion” or “Exercise five times a week,” which often just highlights what we haven’t accomplished yet. Keep reading for Reid’s top tips that you can start implementing today to make 2024 your most successful, abundant, and joyful year ever—really.

Meet the expert
Jocelyn Kelly Reid
Intuitive Abundance Coach and Feminine Energy Healer
Reid is an Intuitive Business & Abundance Coach who has taught countless women to manifest their best lives. She has been featured on top-rated manifestation podcast EXPANDED as well as publications like MindBodyGreen and SheKnows.

1. Focus on Intentions Instead of Resolutions

Replace New Year’s resolutions with clear intentions. Resolutions often set unrealistic expectations far ahead of our current reality, leading to quick feelings of defeat. Intentions, on the other hand, have a higher success rate, keeping us from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Write down your intention where you’ll see it often, such as the fridge, bathroom mirror, or desk.

For instance, my intention a few years back was to be more deliberate in my decisions, transforming my life significantly. Being intentional in who I spent time with and how I spent my time elevated every aspect of my life, making me more purposeful in my actions. This shift even impacted my business, propelling it to nearly seven figures in revenue. By setting intentions, I took proactive steps in my life and effortlessly built a thriving business. Setting intentions truly changes lives!

2. Embrace Present-Moment Awareness

Take 15 minutes each morning to sit quietly and let go of racing thoughts, allowing yourself to be present in the moment. Emptying yourself of anxious thoughts can help you stay calm and centered throughout the day. Being attuned to the present increases your ability to create magic in your life.

3. Cultivate Gratitude

Write down 10 things you’re grateful for daily, from people to experiences to the mere gift of another day. Practicing gratitude consistently elevates your baseline for feeling positive and in tune with life, reducing negative thought patterns over time. Feeling good attracts abundance into your life.

4. Prioritize Your Well-Being

Focus on feeling good in your body rather than just looking good. Listen to your body’s needs throughout the day, from hydrating with lemon water to taking breaks, getting massages, or choosing suitable supplements. Movement, like walking, keeps your body active, particularly if you have a sedentary desk job. Prioritize creating a peaceful, nurturing environment within yourself rather than aiming for specific weight goals—this inner peace enhances your ability to manifest and move through life confidently.

5. Expand Your Horizons

Instead of waiting for big changes to happen, take action toward what you desire. Step out of your comfort zone by investing in experiences that inspire growth, whether it’s traveling to a dream destination or redecorating your space to reflect your ideal life. Creating an expansive life opens doors to a new reality.

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6. Forgive Yourself

Release self-criticism and regret by forgiving yourself. Acknowledge your emotions and let go of negative feelings, affirming self-love and forgiveness. Granting yourself grace opens the door for positivity and better opportunities.

7. Take Actions Today for Your Future Self

Consistently take small steps toward your goals to become the best version of yourself. Progress toward your dream life happens gradually, so build each day to invite unexpected moments of magic. Instead of waiting for life to happen, take charge of creating the life you desire.

8. Embrace Fun

Having fun is a powerful magnet for attracting your desires. Ensure you make time for joy and enjoyment, as it’s essential for personal growth and manifestation. Despite the lessons and hard work, reveling in unique human experiences like travel, good food, laughter, and adventure is part of the human experience. Choose to live fully and create joy, regardless of external circumstances—it’s what makes life truly fulfilling.

9. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Challenge yourself and pursue endeavors that stretch your limits. Growth and change occur when you push past familiar boundaries and embrace discomfort. Taking risks and believing in your capabilities lead to remarkable successes.

10. Lighten Up and Have Fun

Don’t take life too seriously and maintain a sense of perspective. Avoid unnecessary stress by adopting a lighthearted approach. Remember that everyone is navigating life with their unique challenges and strengths, so keep a compassionate outlook and make room for more ease and joy.


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