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If you’re an avid TikTok user, you’ve most likely stumbled upon the infectious tune: “Who’s that wonderful girl? Could she be any cuter?” This viral sound has swept through TikTok, serving as the perfect backdrop for a myriad of videos focusing on creating excitement and appreciating those around you. In each video, a small green puppet, donning a pink tiara and wand, takes the spotlight, while an older orange puppet croons the aforementioned lyrics, expressing admiration for his three-year-old granddaughter.

Surprisingly, the song originated from an old Canadian children’s series named Nanalan, created by Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley, which centered around the heartwarming puppet duo of grandmother and granddaughter. Debuting in 1999, Nanalan showcased endearing everyday moments between Mona and her Nana Bea (voiced by Shannon and Hopley, respectively). The show primarily unfolded in the grandmother’s backyard, affectionately referred to by Mona as “Nanalan” or “Nana Land”. Initially presented as shorts, the series evolved into full-fledged episodes broadcasted on CBC, Nickelodeon, and PBS for Kids.

The recent surge in popularity of the song can be attributed to a video posted in October, which accumulated nearly 10 million views on TikTok. This particular clip featured the exact scene from Nanalan, in which Mona’s grandmother sings to her as she makes a grand entrance dressed as a princess.

Notably, this isn’t the first time Mona and Nana have experienced internet fame. Back in 2016, Nanalan gained attention on Tumblr and Instagram, albeit for entirely different reasons, mostly linked to its low-fi quality and surreal storylines.

However, on TikTok, this trend’s embrace takes a much more heartwarming angle. It’s applied to wholesome scenarios, relational memes, and an abundance of feline content. A quick look at the captions on these videos reveals the song’s versatility; it’s used for self-encouragement, encouragement for others, and boyfriend-focused memes. You get the idea.

A TikTok screenshot featuring the 'Nanalan' trend.

Credit: TikTok / @jack__frances
A TikTok screenshot featuring the 'Nanalan' trend.

Credit: TikTok / @mylittle_cornerx

Like many TikTok trends, this one has also taken on a gender-specific overtone, a point highlighted in an article by Christianna Silva from Mashable. Despite this, it primarily remains a light-hearted trend rooted in relatable scenarios and continues to thrive on the app. Thanks to TikTok, a nearly two-decade-old puppet show has found relevance in today’s time. Surely, this song is set to linger on for a while.


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