At 24, I had a wake-up call when I realized I needed to get my finances in order. I had accumulated credit card debt, lacked a budget system, and had no savings. It was a tough situation to be in.

After getting my finances in order by sticking to a budget, paying off my debt, and starting to save, I looked for ways to grow my money. I already contributed to my retirement accounts but wanted to boost my emergency fund before investing. That’s when I discovered the easiest way to increase my liquid savings without any extra effort: a high-yield savings account.

Here’s an overview of high-yield savings accounts and why you might want to consider opening one. An expert recommends that everyone should have one.

Meet the expert
Michela Allocca
Personal Finance Expert & Founder of Break Your Budget
After a few years of working in finance, Michela Allocca founded Break Your Budget, a platform with nearly 1 million followers geared toward helping young professionals better understand and manage their finances. Her first book, Own Your Money, is available for preorder now.

Explaining High-Yield Savings Accounts

You likely have a savings account linked to your checking account, but a high-yield savings account offers a key difference: higher interest rates. While a regular savings account may offer minimal interest, a high-yield account can yield 3-5% annually, significantly boosting your earnings without much effort.

Advantages of a High-Yield Savings Account

A high-yield savings account earns more interest than a standard one. Allocca notes that it’s an efficient choice for short-term cash reserves like an emergency fund. These accounts also encourage intentional saving by making it slightly inconvenient to access funds, which helps you stay committed to your savings goals.

Any Risks to Consider?

According to Allocca, the only downside is transfer limits on some accounts, restricting monthly transfers. However, this limitation can actually reinforce intentional saving habits.

High-yield savings accounts offer high returns with minimal risk, as they are federally insured up to $250,000, ensuring the safety of your funds.

Maximizing Your High-Yield Savings Account

Once you’ve chosen a high-yield savings account and set it up, start transferring funds regularly. Automated transfers can simplify this process. Categorizing savings into different goals using account features can help you track progress efficiently.

Set achievable goals based on your financial situation, starting with essentials like an emergency fund. A high-yield savings account can accelerate your progress towards these goals with its additional interest earnings.

Ultimately, everyone’s financial journey is unique, but maximizing the benefits of a high-yield savings account can expedite your savings goals effortlessly.


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