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Have you ever wished to share an Instagram Story with a specific group of people, other than your Close Friends list? There’s good news for you.

During an Instagram broadcast, Adam Mosseri revealed that the platform is currently experimenting with the capability to share Stories with multiple follower lists, as reported by Engadget. Presently, users are restricted to sharing with all their followers or solely with their Close Friends list.

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“This feature allows you to share stories with smaller groups and provides you with more control over who can view your stories,” Mosseri mentioned during the broadcast. “As someone who frequently uses Close Friends, I’m quite excited about the prospect of creating additional lists for the important people in my life.”

While this tool could be beneficial for sharing photos with larger groups of followers, such as those living in the same city or those who attended the same college, it might seem unnecessary for smaller groups. As an example from the broadcast, a list titled “Siblings” only included two people. In such cases, it might be easier to simply text the photo to your siblings rather than turning it into an Instagram Story.

It’s OK to leave your group chat

Nevertheless, there is one potential advantage: ensuring that your crush sees your post would become much simpler.

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